How To Get Decorum Cipher In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, you need to collect different quest items to unlock new gear. Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2 is...

In Remnant 2, you need to collect different quest items to unlock new gear. Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2 is one such quest item that along with Memory Core II, gives you the Pulse Rifle when used on a device inside Custodian’s tower, the Ascension Spire.

If the Pulse Rifle is a weapon you are interested in, you have come to the right place as we help you find Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Decorum Cipher Location

Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2, can be obtained from inside the train’s engine room located in the Terminus Station dungeon. However, it is quite possible that you might not get it on your first visit to the area. Unfortunately, Terminus Station is a randomly generated dungeon and your world roll of N’Erud might not have it. If that is the case, head to Adventure Mode and reroll N’Erud till you get Terminus Station in your world.

A quick way of checking if Terminus Station is in your world or not is to head to Ascension Spire. Near the entrance of the spire, you will see a hole behind one of the statues. Jump through the hole. Continue through the path, take the elevator on the right side and you will come to a room with purple waves in it. This is basically the console where you need to use Decorum Cipher.

If you can interact with both points on the device, this means you can get Decorum Cipher in the current roll.

In case Terminus Station exists in your world, head towards it. After completing the dungeon, which involves fighting against waves of enemies on the train, you will be dropped off at a location. Keep going straight until you reach some large cables. Crouch and pass under these cables until you reach the ladder.


Using this ladder, go upstairs, and you will see a window. Jump through this window to land on the roof of the train. Jump down the hatch into the train car and Decorum Cipher and Atom Smasher melee weapon should be right in front of you.

How to use Decorum Cipher

After collecting both Decorum Cipher and Memory Core II, you now need to head back to Ascension Spire. Entering this tower, go towards your left, and there you will notice a hole.

Jump inside the hole, which will take you to an elevator. Go downstairs using this elevator, and you will eventually reach the device you’ve been looking for. At this device, there are two empty places. Put Decorum Cipher and Memory Core 2 in there.

As you do so, you will get 110 Scrap with a Core Booster and the Pulse Rifle.