How To Get Atom Smasher In Remnant 2

Atom Smasher in Remnant 2, is a great weapon for close-ranged battles that you can find inside the Terminus Station...

Atom Smasher in Remnant 2, is a great weapon for close-ranged battles that you can find inside the Terminus Station dungeon. The Atom Smasher hammer, with its powerful swing, smashes the bond between atoms, which gives high damage to your enemies.

The gigantic hammer-looking weapon has high damage stats and is ideal for your melee build. Want to bring devastation to the enemy attacking you? Here is the complete Atom Smasher guide, that will take you through how you can get this powerful weapon and then use it to ace Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Atom Smasher location

Atom Smasher in Remnant 2 can be found inside the training booth at Terminus station along with Decorum Cipher. However, it is not easy to find this weapon as you first need to make sure that multiple locations have spawned correctly which may require you to reroll the game’s adventure mode again and again.

How To Get Atom Smasher In Remnant 2

Terminus Station is located in the N’Erud region, and as you enter it you will encounter waves of different robots and other enemies. Clearing these enemies, keep going straight and you will finally reach an elevator.

This elevator will take you to the facility located at the bottom where you now need to complete the Train event which will be initiated by an AI. Here, in this event, for the next seven minutes, you will encounter a lot of different enemies to complete the event you need to kill them all. A weapon with shock damage works great against shielded enemies here.

After completing the Train event in Terminus Dungeon, you will eventually be at a checkpoint where you will see a bundle of cables. Pass these cables crouching and there’s a ladder to the front. Use this to go to the train’s top, and reaching there you will find a hole. Jump through the hole, and you will finally reach a platform, where you will find Atom Smasher and Decorum Cipher.


Atom Smasher stats and mods

Atom Smasher in Remnant 2, comes with a unique weapon mod, that cannot be removed and used anywhere else. The “Accelerator” mod it has, is great for melee attacks and gives 10% increased speed to all the melee attacks when it is activated for the next five seconds. Here are some important Atom Smasher stats;

Crit Hit Chance5%
Weak Spot Damage95%
Stagger Modifier11%

The damage stats of Atom Smasher are already great without any upgrades. However, you can upgrade these stats to the max of level 20, which requires you to gather Iron and Scraps.

1For this, you need 4x Iron and 200x Scrap.79.2
2For this, you need 6x Iron and 220x Scrap.86.9
3For this, you need 8x Iron and 240x Scrap.93.6
4For this, you need 10x Iron and 260x Scrap.100.8
5For this, you need 12x Iron and 280x Scrap.108
6For this, you need 4x Forged Iron and 300x Scrap.115
7For this, you need 6x Forged Iron and 320x Scrap.122.4
8For this, you need 8x Forged Iron and 340x Scrap.129.6
9For this, you need 10x Forged Iron and 360x Scrap.136.8
10For this, you need 12x Forged Iron and 380x Scrap.144
11For this, you need 4x Galvanized Iron and 400x Scrap.151.2
12For this, you need 6x Galvanized Iron and 420x Scrap.158.4
13For this, you need 8x Galvanized Iron and 440x Scrap.165.5
14For this, you need 10x Galvanized Iron and 460x Scrap.172.4
15For this, you need 12x Galvanized Iron and 480x Scrap.180
16For this, you need 4x Hardened Iron and 500x Scrap.187.2
17For this, you need 6x Hardened Iron and 520x Scrap.194.4
18For this, you need 8x Hardened Iron and 540x Scrap.201.6
19For this, you need 10x Hardened Iron and 560x Scrap.208.8
20For this, you need 12x Hardened Iron and 580x Scrap.216