What Items To Offer To The Strange Web In Remnant 2

The Strange Web is a mysterious web in Remnant 2 that gives certain rewards when you offer some items to it. We explain more here.

While venturing across the worlds of Remnant 2, you will come across a strange pulsating web. This strange web is found in the Losomn world. This strange web is part of an in-game event known as the ‘Nightweaver Web’.

This fascinating thing gives you rewards in exchange for certain objects. But the game doesn’t specify what those things are and what you’ll get in return. So there’s a layer of mystery to this web.

Remnant Strange Web Location

Strange Web map Remnant 2

This creepy-looking Strange Web is located in Losomn. It is part of the main storyline quest for the area. You will find it in the Asylum region. It will be covering an entire room and will have an unknown entity inside it. Unfortunately, we never get to find out who or what is inside.

You’ll need to head into the basement of the Asylum to find the strange web in a prison cell.

What to give to the Strange Web in Remnant 2

The Strange Web will be in the basement area of the Asylum. Approach it and offer it certain items to get some rewards. You get


Interacting with the strange web here will reward you with a lot of different items. But be cautious. Whatever you put to use will disintegrate and you; ‘ll lose it forever. But you’ll also get a reward for it so not much lost. Here is a list of rewards that you can get from the Strange Web in Remnant 2

Nightweavers DollDreamcatcher Weapon
Override PinTormented Heart
Dria’s AnkletRing of Retribution
Kolket’s RazorNightweaver’s Grudge
Ravenous MedallionDecrypt Rune
Aery GlyphRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Clockwork PinionRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Crimson King CoinRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
High Councilor Neyle’s KeyRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
High Councilor Key Onirii’sRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
High Councilor Key Savana’sRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Plain RibbonRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Prison Cell KeyRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Supply Room KeyRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Stasis Pod GlyphRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Tarnished KeyRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Thean SeedRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Wooden BoxRune Upgrade or Relic Dust
Strange Web item exchange solution table

Remember that they will be lost once you exchange these items with the web. Most of these items are related to different quests in one way or another, so be aware you won’t get them back.

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