Best Armor Sets In Remnant 2

Here are the best armor sets you can (and will need to) find to boost your defenses and stats in Remnant 2.

Putting your focus on defense is just as important as offense in most RPG games there are. The same goes for Remnant 2, which provides over eighteen different armor sets for players to choose from.

Each Armor Set in Remnant 2 is forged differently and is made specifically for a certain playstyle with varying amounts of weight and armor. This accounts for a lot of build diversity as well, since you’d want a high-defense armor set for a tanky build but a low-weight one for an evasive build.

However, with the huge selection of Armor Sets available, it becomes difficult to choose the best one. Some of the Sets are always a better choice than most others –  and if you don’t know which ones, then let us introduce you to some of the best Armor Sets in Remnant 2.

Leto Mark II Armor Set

At the top of this list, we have the heaviest armor in the whole game. This Remnant 2 Ultra Heavy armor was built for one thing and one thing only – impenetrable defense.

With a sheer amount of 168 armor, the Leto Mark II Armor Set would negate any amount of blows the enemy throws at you. However, such a huge amount of armor comes at a cost – weight.

All of the armor the Leto Mark II Armor Set provides players with is because of the heavy weight it has, amounting to 90! This means that while you are protected against virtually anything in the game, your mobility is greatly reduced.


There is a way around this drawback though – the Leto’s Amulet. This Amulet reduces your character’s stamina cost and encumbrance, allowing them to handle the heavy weight of the Armor set efficiently.

If you have the Leto’s Amulet in your possession, then the Leto Mark II is definitely a top pick for you – but still holds the potential to be the best Armor set in Remnant 2 regardless.

Moreover, it also grants a decent damage reduction against a lot of the status effect/elemental damage as well:

  • 10 Bleed Resistance
  • 10 Blight Resistance
  • 10 Fire Resistance
  • 10 Shock Resistance
  • 10 Corroded Resistance

Fae Royal Armor Set

Widely considered the second-best armor set in Remnant 2, the Fae Royal Armor Set isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Although this Armor Set provides a lesser armor stat (107) than the former set, the decrease in weight (55) is substantial.

Hence, Heavy Set not only gives you some high-quality protection but also doesn’t take away a lot from your mobility, hence allowing for a diverse playstyle.

This is also why this armor set is widely used in some of the best Remnant 2 builds as well since it has a lot of flexibility with them. Moreover, you also get a pretty slick look with this Armor Set, which plays a big part in this game.

Moreover, this Armor set grants a decent amount of reduction from different types of damage as well:

  • 9 Bleed Resistance
  • 7 Blight Resistance
  • 9 Fire Resistance
  • 0 Shock Resistance
  • 0 Corroded Resistance

Void Armor Set

Yet another Armor Set with stunning aesthetics is the Void Armor Set. It looks like an armor that a knight would wear except that it’s made of bones.

However, an amazing look isn’t all to the Void Set though. This is a Heavy Set that provides a great amount of armor as well (104). It’s got a decent weight stat too (57) which allows for a lot of flexibility in builds.

Though this Armor Set may appear somewhat inferior to the Fae Armor Set because of its decreased armor and increased weight stat, it goes head-to-head with that set because of its resistance to status effects/elemental damage.

In terms of damage reduction, the Void Armor Set can do what the Fae Set can’t – resistance against Corroded (9) and Shock (9). It does offer a little bit of Fire resistance as well (7) but doesn’t offer any Bleed or Blight resistance.

That said, if avoiding Corroded and Shock resistance is your style, then the Void Set is definitely the one to choose over the Fae Set.

Technician Armor Set

Just because the Technician Set is the starting set of the Engineer Archetype doesn’t mean it can’t challenge other top-tier Sets. This is because this set is one of those Heavy Sets that not only provide imperviable defense but also have a manageable weight.

This is why the Technician Set can also be used easily with most Remnant 2 builds.

While the armor may not be as high or the weight may not be as low as the previously mentioned Sets, what makes the Technician Set stand out because of its amazing resistance to Shock Damage, which amounts to a whopping 13.

None of the aforementioned Sets has such a high stat in any of the status effect/elemental damage resistance. If avoiding Shock damage is your main priority, then the Technician Set is the one made just for you.

Other types of resistances that the Technician Set offers include:

  • 0 Bleed Resistance
  • 0 Blight Resistance
  • 5 Fire Resistance
  • 13 Shock Resistance
  • 7 Corroded Resistance

Radiant Armor Set

Yet another set with nothing less than stunning looks is the Radiant Set. With a beautiful gold, medieval-style look, this set stands out in the dark eerie world of Remnant 2.

In comparison to the other Sets, this Set has a significant increase in Armor (113) but a comparatively lesser increase in weight (61), which makes it a great pick for players looking for a balance between armor and weight stats.

However, this much weight is still enough to slow down your movement and dodges a little bit, so make sure that you bring along the right Amulets or Rings with this Set to counter this drawback.

Not only that, but the Radiant Set also offers great resistance against different kinds of elemental damage and status effects as well.

  • 5 Bleed Resistance
  • 3 Blight Resistance
  • 5 Fire Resistance
  • 12 Shock Resistance
  • 0 Corroded Resistance

Knotted Armor Set

The Knotted Armor Set goes for a different kind of look that matches the dark environment of the game’s world – a worn-out, wooden, ghastly look, which itself is enough to terrify enemies wherever you go.

Since this is a heavy set, you can expect it to provide a good enough Armor stat (100), but it is a better option than most because it has a weight stat of 56 which we can make do with.

What really makes this Set stand out from the rest though, is its superb resistance to Corroded damage, with the resistance stat amounting to 15. It also offers decent resistance stats against Blight (7) as well but lacks in resistance against Bleed (3), Fire (0), and Shock (0)

Bruiser Armor Set

The Bruiser Armor Set is the starting Set of the Challenger class and compliments it with its worn-out, and ragged medieval look.

By the looks of it, the heavy steal that this armor is made out of would make you think it would be quite heavy (60 Weight). Although that is true, it also helps provide a decent armor stat (110).

However, what makes this armor really stands out among the others is its phenomenal resistance to Fire damage (14), which is the highest we’ve seen for this one on this list.

However, though the Fire resistance is no doubt unmatched, it does lack other types of resistance.

  • 5 Bleed Resistance
  • 0 Blight Resistance
  • 14 Fire Resistance
  • 0 Shock Resistance
  • 6 Corroded Resistance

Labyrinth Armor Set

The Labyrinth Armor Set holds true to its name because it matches perfectly the overall mysterious environment of the Labyrinth. This is the starting set for the Archon Class and provides an overall balance of Armor (87) and Weight (47).

Though with the relatively low weight of 47, an overall Armor stat of 87 isn’t too shabby at all. You can take advantage of this high armor-to-weight ratio and use this set with most of the builds that require such a ratio.

The Labyrinth Set also excels by providing unparalleled resistance against Fire (12) and Shock (17) but doesn’t provide any resistance against other types of damage.

Red Widow Armor Set

One of the coolest-looking Armor Sets you can find in Remnant 2 is the Red Widow Set. With a stunning combination of red and gold and an added touch of horns protruding from the helm, it makes you look like a beast and a warrior at the same time.

The stats on this armor are pretty good as well, with 88 in armor and 48 in weight. The armor-to-weight ratio in the case of this Set is almost similar to the Labyrinth one, which accounts for the same pros that the Labyrinth Set has.

However, unlike the Labyrinth Set, the Red Widow Set provides excellent resistance against Bleed (12) and Blight (11), which the former provided none of.

This set isn’t perfect itself though, as it provides no resistance against Fire and Shock damage but a little bit of resistance against Corroded (2).

Nightstalker Armor Set

Think you just saw Ezio Auditore running around the streets of Losomn? Nah, that was probably just a Hunter with the Nightstalker Set on. Though no Assassins can be found in Remnant 2, this set isn’t much different from what an Assassin would wear either.

The Nightstalker set is a Medium Set that – although very low compared to the rest – still offers a pretty nice Armor stat of (69) compared to the amount of weight it has (36).

Though the armor provided by this Set is barely enough to protect you from some life-threatening attacks by the Venom boss, it does provide you enough mobility to dodge them with fair ease.

Not only that, but the Nightstalker Set also offers some amazing resistance against other types of damage:

  • 6 Bleed Resistance
  • 13 Blight Resistance
  • 7 Fire Resistance
  • 5 Shock Resistance
  • 0 Corroded Resistance

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