Remnant 2 Venom Boss Guide

Pack your bag because we are going on a hunt to take down the second last nemesis in Remnant 2 or as we know him - Venom.

If you thought the roots were tough, think again. Venom is a powerful root boss that can prove to be quite overwhelming in Remnant 2. Wielding a massive black sword, you better maintain some distance because Venom is going to be swinging that sword around to cut you in half.

This is not an optional boss, meaning that you are bound to face Venom sooner or later during your progression in Remnant 2. Hence, it pays to know how to defeat this root boss.

Where to find Venom in Remnant 2

The thing about story bosses is that you don’t have to put tons of effort into locating them. Keep following the storyline because your paths are bound to cross at some point. Case in point, Venom is also a story boss, second last, before you have to go up against Annihilation.

Venom can be found at the Corrupted Harbour, in Root Earth which is the final region in Remnant 2. Once you start your journey in Root Earth, you are going to come across him sooner or later.

There are no prerequisites to the fight. If you haven’t missed any other story boss who is supposed to come before Venom, then you can simply walk up to the location and start the battle.

How to defeat Venom in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has managed to keep the game progression quite consistent. The more you progress in the story, the harder foes you start facing.

Venom is truly a boss worthy of its second-last boss title. It is not going to be an easy fight by any means but if you are well-informed, things might go a little smoothly for you.

Venom Pre-Fight Preparations

Before you take on Venom, make sure to prepare yourself. He is going to be flying the entire time so if you are planning to take a melee weapon to the fight then, it is the wrong idea. You need a long-range weapon with high DPS. If you can then definitely take a gun with a high rate of fire.

Why? Because of just how ridiculously fast Venom is. He is not going to dally around and wait for you to take a shot. You have got to be quick if you want to land your shots. For Mutators, pick ones that increase your damage output such as Deadly Calm, Battery, or any other good mutators you might prefer.

Fill your pockets with as many relics and heals as you can because you are just going to need them way too often. Have a good build with upgraded weapons and other bells and whistles.

Venom weakness

It is going to be a hard task to land all the shots so that is why you gotta make sure that the ones that land, hit like a truck. So like any other boss battle, you gotta target the weak spot. Venom’s weakness is his exposed chest inside which is going to be a red glow. You need to target that particular area to deal maximum amounts of damage.

Attacks and Counters

The Venom boss fight in Remnant 2 is going to be spanned over two phases. The general idea behind the attacks in both phases is the same. It is the intensity that varies. We are going to be ripping both of them apart to see to reveal the strategy to cheese this boss.

Phase 1

As soon as the battle starts, Venom is going to start swinging his axe left and right, up and down. Nothing out of the ordinary but all of the attacks are going to be in rapid succession and dodging them is going to be tricky if you are not paying attention to the pattern.

Afterward, these combos are going to be followed by some other kind of attack such as the Fireball. He will use his spear to take aim and then from the tip of the spear will originate a fireball. Direct hit will cause massive amounts of damage but once it lands on the ground, it will create an AoE that will deal damage over time.

Since it is a slow attack, you can quickly get out of the way. Next up he is going to summon three glowing orbs. These are actually bombs. Upon contact, they will stick to your body and detonate after a couple of seconds. Make sure to avoid them at all costs because they are lethal.

Sometimes when Venom does a slash with his spear, it will create an energy beam that will deal damage. The second part of this combo is where he will smash the ground with his spear, emitting a shockwave. After the first half of this combo, you need to get as far away from him as possible.

Another of the common attacks he will do is throwing his spear on the ground from a distance followed by an immediate dash toward it. Finally, he will slash to finish the combo.

Last, but not least, he will again slam the ground with his spear but this time he will generate a giant AoE of magic thorns that will deal damage upon contact. There are going to be tons of them. Dodge rolling will save you from most of them but maybe not all of them.

The fight is soo fast-paced that you will only get tiny windows of opportunity to deal damage so make sure you make every bullet count.

Phase 2

Once you deplete half of Venom’s health, the second phase will start. Everything is going to get faster so better pick up the pace. Along with all of the attacks from the first phase, there is going to be an addition. Venom will now charge for a few seconds and then release energy in the outwards direction.

What this will do is generate tons of small AoEs all around the area, that will explode after a few seconds. These AoE will generate in the direction you are running. The only way to dodge them is by frantically running around the whole area in hopes that you won’t die from them.

Other than that, just focus on avoiding the hits and only attacking when it is the safest. It will take time but you will surely succeed.

Rewards for defeating Venom

Here are the rewards you are going to get for taking down the second most powerful enemy in Remnant 2:

  • Lumenite Crystal x4
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  • Dread Core x1

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