How To Get The Bruiser Armor Set In Remnant 2

The Bruiser Set is one of the heavy weight armor sets in Remnant 2. Its weight impacts your overall mobility and movement speed.

Bruiser Set is part of the heavy-weighted armor sets in Remnant 2. It looks sturdy with iron body plates decorated with leather straps and a full metal headpiece. The metal makes it heavy, hindering mobility but makes up for it by providing higher defense and fire resistance.

To acquire Bruiser Set you will need to visit Whispers in Ward 13 or get Challenger Archetype whichever is easier. Let us break the details down for you with this guide.

The Bruiser armor set location in Remnant 2

If you are starting as a Challenger archetype, you will get the Bruiser armor set automatically as part of the class’ starting equipment in Remnant 2.

If you are going with another class, do not worry since you can still get your hands on the Bruiser Set by simply purchasing all of its armor pieces from Whispers in Ward 13.

Whispers location in Ward 13

Whispers can be found in the center of the marketplace next to Cass. He is also the one that gives you the first armor set so you may remember him. Purchase the four-piece Bruiser Set for 2750 Scrap and you are ready to equip and utilize it in Remnant 2.

Bruiser Set stats and bonuses

Bruiser Set is a defense-focused set in Remnant 2. Being part of Heavy weighted armor, the dodge is very slow with Stamina penalization at 50%.

The trade-off is for strength and durability with a total of 110 Armor and 60 weight. Additionally, it provides 5 Bleed Resistance, 14 Fire Resistance, and 6 Corrosive Resistance.

The Bruiser Set works best with Challenger class and pair it up with Alchemist Archetype and you are looking at a DPS tank build. The set helps with additional durability and status resistance adding more to close-ranged experience.

This set may slow you down but the additional resistance and durability can be excellent for tanking heavy enemy attacks. If the trade-off is worth it, that is for you to decide for your build.

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