How To Get Leto’s Amulet In Remnant 2?

Leto's Amulet is an item in Remnant 2 that lowers your equipment load when you wear it, allowing use of heavy armor without drawbacks

Leto’s Amulet returns from the previous game in Remnant 2 and is just as awesome. Heavy armor users will best utilize this amulet. The stats and buffs it provides will help with the mobility of the build. It reduces your encumbrance level, allowing you to move faster and dodge easier.

The Leto’s Amulet item also increases your stamina by a small percentage, allowing you to do more before it runs out. The method of getting this particular item is fun and silly. So, you get some enjoyment out of it. Here’s how you can get this item in the game.

Remnant 2 Leto’s Amulet Location

Start your journey to get this amulet by first heading to Ward 13. Look for a merchant named Reginald “Reggie” Malone. He’s the consumables merchant, so you will have interacted with him at this point. You’ll see that Leto’s Amulet is unavailable as you access his store inventory. To get it, you need to flop 100 times in front of him in Remnant 2.

When you try to dodge while over-encumbered, you’ll flop instead of rolling normally. When this happens, your weight turns red on the stat screen. Leto’s Armor is a good candidate for this purpose, as it is one of the heaviest sets in the game. Moreover, it was made by the same person who made the amulet, so it’s only fitting you use it.


Ensure you aren’t wearing any equipment that affects equipment load or stamina when attempting the flops. That can make the amulet not appear in Reggie’s shop.

After equipping the armor set, stand before Reggie and dodge so you flop. Do these 100 times, and Leto’s Amulet will be available. It will take you some time to do so, so be patient. You can buy the amulet for 1000 scraps.

Leto’s Amulet Stats 

remnant 2 leto's amulet stats

Leto’s Amulet is an excellent item for players who prefer to wear heavy armor. It reduces encumbrance by 40%, allowing you more mobility and even the potential to roll. It also reduces stamina costs by 15%, so you can do more without running out.

The stats of the Leto’s Amulet are as follows 

Stamina  Reduction 15% 
Encumbrance  Reduction by 40% 

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