How to Use Sprinkler in Raft

As your Raft grows, tending to your crops can be quite tedious but that is where the sprinkler system comes in. Allow us to show you how to use it.

We, humans, are forgetful beings. We don’t even hydrate ourselves properly let alone water our plants. What if we told you that there is a solution to that particular problem in the world of Raft. To make your life easier and simpler so that your plants are never thirsty, Raft introduced Sprinkler and this guide exists to tell you how to use them.

How to Use Sprinkler in Raft

Sprinklers can be used to automatically water the plants. You can obtain a sprinkler by first researching it at the research table and crafting it using the following items.

Once you have obtained the sprinkler, you will need to set it up in order for it to automatically water your plants. To set up a simple sprinkler system, you will need the following items.

  • Sprinkler
  • Battery
  • Fresh Water
  • Plants

To use the sprinkler, simply place it on a flat surface and then place the plants that need to be watered in a 3×3 frame such that the sprinkler sits in the middle of the bottom row.

A Sprinkler can only water a 3×3 patch of land in front of it. It cannot sprinkle water on the plants that sit behind it. After you have placed the sprinkler, simply just attach a battery and then add fresh water to it. The sprinkler will start working automatically if there is a plant that needs to be watered.

A Sprinkler can hold enough water to irrigate a 3×3 patch of land 30 times. It uses one charge of battery per sprinkle and every battery has a total of 50 charges.

How to Autofill Sprinkler Using Electric Purifier

There is another way of using the sprinkler, where you don’t have to manually fill it up every time it runs out of water. For this method, you will need the following items.

  • Sprinkler
  • Water Tank
  • Electric Purifier
  • 2x Batteries
  • Pipes
  • Plants

For this method, you will first need an Electric Purifier which can be crafted after obtaining its blueprint from the Plantation Area of Tangaroa.

After you have crafted the Electric Purifier using 4x Titanium Ingots, 1x Circuit Board, 20x Plastic, and 5x Scrap, you can place it near the edge of the raft so it can suck in salty water and turn it into fresh water.

Electric Purifier will turn 15 cups of salt water into fresh water every 80 seconds using a battery. Once you have your purifier set up, you can now place a water tank.

You can craft the water tank using 30x Plastic, 10x Planks, 5x Ropes, and 3x Titanium Ingots. Connect the Electric Purifier with the tank and then connect the tank with a sprinkler.

The Purifier will keep supplying it with fresh water and you won’t have to manually fill it every time it runs out of water

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