Raft Water Tank Setup Tips: How To Store Water Automatically

You need fresh, drinkable water to survive the salty seas on your drifting raft. You will hence need a Water...

You need fresh, drinkable water to survive the salty seas on your drifting raft. You will hence need a Water Tank with Water Pipes to function as a complete system to store and dispense water.

The following guide will show you how to research and craft a Water Tank to store water in Raft.

How To Craft Water Tank In Raft

The first step to building a Water Tank is to find the Water Tank Blueprint. For this, you will need to head over to Tangaroa, the last location in the second chapter of the story which is such massive debris of a long-lost ship that you might consider it a floating island.

Head to the Main Tower of Tangaroa to access the Bridge. There, look for the nearby table to find the Water Tank Blueprint. It will be automatically added to your Research Table when you pick it up.

Once you have the blueprint, you can craft a Water Tank using 30x Plastic, 10x Plank, 5x Rope, and 3x Titanium Ingot.

Plastic and Plank can be easily found by pulling in flotsam and floating Barrels. You will also loot Palm Leaves that can be used to craft Rope. Titanium Ingots though require you to smelt Titanium Ore that can be found in Safes and Briefcases found on treasure hunts. You can find a lot of them on Tangaroa.

You can store up to 33 units of water in a single Water Tank, which can be connected to a Sprinkler to automatically fill the tank with water. A Water Tank can also be connected to an Electric Purifier with means of a pipe and you’ll get a supply of fresh water that will never end.

Building a Water Tank, however, is only one of a two-part process. You need to connect that tank with Water Pipes.

How To Craft Water Pipes

Building Water Pipes is actually easier than the Water Tank. You only need 4x Scrap to craft a single Water Pipe. You can find a lot of Scrap on the ocean floor near islands.

However, all of that is only possible when you have found the Water Pipe Blueprint. Thankfully, it is located in the same Tangaroa area.

Once you have solved the rather annoying crane puzzle, you will get access to the large storage room in the basement. The Water Pipe Blueprint will be inside.

Water Tank Setup Tips

You can have multiple Water Tanks in Raft that can be connected together with the help of Water Pipes. The overflow of one tank can be connected to the inlet of the other tank and in this way, you can have an unlimited supply of water.

The decision of either having a single Water Tank or multiple Water Tanks depends on your requirement. Players with more need for water can go with a multiple tank system while others can have a single Water Tank system. Although, it is always better to have a multiple tank system as who doesn’t want more water?

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