How To Use Research Table In Raft

This guide will brief you on how to use the Research Table in Raft and how the research mechanism works in the game.

When you start your voyage across the ocean in Raft, you’ll come across various unknown items. You need to research these items at the Research Table to learn about them and unlock their recipes. This guide will brief you on how to use the Research Table in Raft.

How To Build Research Table In Raft

The Research Table, as the name implies, is used in Raft to research unknown items and unlock their recipes, which you’ll need to craft items. Read on to learn how to use the Research Table in Raft.

To begin researching unknown items, you must first build the Research Table, which is not a difficult task whatsoever. All you need is 14 Planks and 2 Scraps and you’re all set to build a research table.

Obtaining the necessary materials for the research table is also fairly simple. Planks can be found floating in the ocean or crafted by slicing down palm trees on islands. Once you have the required number of planks, you want to search for Scrap.

Scrap can also be obtained in one of the two ways. You can get it from empty rafts and around island reefs, or you can find it in barrels. Barrels can be found strewn about in the ocean.

Once you have both crafting items, craft the research table and place it on the raft to begin the research process.

How To Research Items In Raft

After you have set up the Research Table, you need to use it to research items, and researching an unknown item is a simple task. All you need is to select the unknown item and place it in the Research Table.

Afterward, simply click the Research Button, and the item will be researched and its crafting recipe will be unlocked in an instant automatically. Another thing to note is that you are not required to have the blueprints; simply placing the unknown item will suffice.

Something else of importance is that any crafting material or resource placed on the Research Table will be destroyed during the research process. If you have already researched the item, the item will not be destroyed and you will be notified that the item is already “Researched.”

Even if you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly, you may still be unable to research an item. It will happen because some items require you to research others before you can research them. Take for instance the Barrel, it requires the research of Plank, Scrap, and Rope as a prerequisite.

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