How To Get Titanium For Titanium Ingots In Raft

This guide will show you how to get Titanium and make Titanium Ingots in Raft and use to upgrade your facilities.

As you sail the seas in Raft, you’ll eventually upgrade your small wooden raft into a larger one. For those upgrades, you will undoubtedly require Titanium to make Titanium Ingots in order to upgrade the majority of the items. This guide will show you how to get Titanium and Make Titanium Ingots in Raft.

Where To Find Titanium Ore In Raft

In Raft, you’ll be needing Titanium to make Titanium Ingots in order to upgrade a variety of items. Titanium is commonly found as Titanium Ore and is used to make Titanium Ingots.

While Treasure Hunting on Islands, Titanium Ore is mostly found in Briefcases and Safes. Titanium Ore spawns at random, so you’ll have to look around and try out your luck to find some.

On large islands, there are typically up to two dig spots that may contain titanium. Instead of going out blindly in search of Titanium Ore, we recommend using a metal detector.

The metal detector not only facilitates the search for Titanium but also increases the yield of titanium ore. In general, 1-4 pieces of Titanium ore spawn in a crate dug up with a metal detector.

Titanium Ore Locations

Even with the information provided above, you may struggle to find Titanium Ore, so to assist you further, we’ve listed a few locations to get the hunt for Titanium Ores started, and these locations will almost always contain Titanium Ore.

The first spot that you should start looking around is Tangaroa Island. Crates containing Titanium ore can be found in the local buildings on this island; however, these crates spawn at random in different buildings at different levels. It is therefore recommended to check each level and you’ll certainly find some Titanium Ore.

In Tangaroa, the Secret Basement and the room beneath the crane in the Storage Area contain plenty of Titanium Ore, so pay a visit here to get a head start.

Other than that, on Caravan Island a Titanium Ore can be found near the Blueprint: Metal Detector. As for the rest of the islands, search for titanium ore by using the metal detector.

How To Make Titanium Ingots In Raft

After you have obtained the Titanium Ore, you can proceed to the production of Titanium Ingots.

Titanium Ingots can be created in a Smelter. Simply place the Titanium Ore and Planks inside the Smelter, and it will take 120 seconds to process them into a Titanium Ingot.

Titanium Ingot Uses

Once you have the Titanium Ingots, you can directly use them to upgrade/unlock items such as the Engine Controls, Large Storage, Battery Charger, Water Tank, Electric Purifier, and whatnot.

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