Raft Juicer Recipes And Where To Find Them

In this Raft guide, we will explain everything about Juicer in Raft and how to use it for nourishing drinks through the recipes.

Raft is all about survival and your survival depends heavily on fulfilling your hunger and Thirst. Especially the final chapters of Raft consume a fair amount of your energy. The juicer can help you when you’re thirsty. In this Raft guide, we will explain everything about Juicer in Raft and the different recipes of drinks that you can make through it.

How To Make Juicer In Raft

Juices are the latest item in Raft that can help you fulfill your hunger and thirst. Juices can further be used to make smoothies. Smoothies can help you satisfy your hunger as well as give you a buff.

A Juicer can be made in your base using the following resources, after having researched it:

Provide the juicer with power using a battery and you are good to go.

To make a smoothie, you must acquire other ingredients as well. There are several ways of getting ingredients for your recipes in Raft.

You can get ingredients by growing seeds of a particular ingredient. For example, if you want a mango smoothie, you can grow mango seeds. Another way to get ingredients is to go to the islands and gather ingredients from the islands. Lastly, you can also get ingredients by trading different items for a particular ingredient you need.

Juicer Recipes

There are eight different recipes that you can make in your Juicer. All of them help you recover hunger and thirst, but only some have an extra effect.

Simple Smoothie

  • Ingredients: 1x Mango, 1x Pineapple, and 2x Coconut
  • Uses: 15+ Hunger, 40+ Thirst, and 55+ Bonus
  • Extra Effect: None

Coconut Beat

  • Ingredients: 3x Coconut, and 1x Raw Beet
  • Uses: 10+ Hunger, 50+ Thirst, and 30+ Bonus
  • Extra Effect: None


  • Ingredients: 1x Mango, 2x Banana, and 1x Bucket of Milk
  • Uses: 5+ Hunger, 45+ Thirst, and 70+ Bonus
  • Extra Effect: None

Red Melon

  • Ingredients: 1x Red Berries, 1x Strawberry, 1x Watermelon, and 1x Coconut
  • Uses: 10+ Hunger, 70+ Thirst, and 45+ Bonus
  • Extra Effect: None

Redbeet Shot

  • Ingredients: 2x Raw Beet, 1x Coconut, and 1x Turmeric
  • Extra Effect: Boosts your health bar for 10 minutes.

Silver Smoothie

  • Ingredients: 1x Banana, 1x Mango, 1x Bucket of Milk, and 1x Silver Algae
  • Uses: 10+ Hunger, 40+ Thirst, and 65+ Bonus
  • Extra Effect: None

Spicy Pineberry

  • Ingredients: 1x Pineapple, 2x Strawberry, and 1x Chili.
  • Extra Effect: Makes you swim faster for 10 minutes.

Strawberry Colada

  • Ingredients: 1x Pineapple, 1x Strawberry, and 2x Coconut.
  • Uses: 10+ Hunger, 30+ Thirst, and 50+ Bonus.
  • Extra Effect: None
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