Pokemon X and Y Super Training Guide – IVs and EVs

How to train your Pokemon using Super Training in Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y introduces a new system of Training your Pokemon – Super Training.

Super Training is carried out with the help of the Touch Screen on your Nintendo 3DS and it can be carried out at any given time. However, you need to make sure that you are not engaged in a battle before doing that.

The option for Super Training is always available at the bottom of the screen; right next to Player Search System and Pokemon Amie.

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Pokemon X and Y Super Training, IVs and EVs

Pokemon Nature
Every Pokemon you encounter in Pokemon X and Y has its unique set of characters ‘Nature’. For example, it could have a unique personality that can affect its base stats.

From the summary screen, you can check whether the nature of a particular Pokemon affects its stats and if it does, which ones are affected. Whether a particular stat gets a boost (10%) or is reduced (10%) can be determined by the color of that stat.

If it’s a boost, color will be red and if it’s a reduction in stat, the color will be blue.

If you want to win the Pokemon League or do well in competitive battles, you should always look for Pokemon with a beneficial Nature; it basically boosts primary stats at the expense of the stats it doesn’t need).

Pokemon IVsPokemon X and Y IVs Guide
IVs short for independent values are the unique stats that make Pokemon better than the next. It’s that behind-the-scene stat that everyone is crazy about and the one which requires a bit of explaining.

These independent values are assigned when you capture or breed a Pokemon. It’s basically a growth indicator ranging from 0 – 31 which determines how much each stat of that particular Pokemon will grow by the time you have reached level 100.

You wouldn’t this indicator but if you plan to check it, you will have to visit Kiloude City Pokemon Center and ask the man on the left what is your Pokemon’s IVs.

Pokemon EVsPokemon X and Y EV Guide
Effort Value is a player influenced indicator that can be increased either by battle or through super training. Maximum EV bonus you can receive after extensive training is 252 for any one stat and total will always be 510, with every points equal to one stat point at level 100.

Taking this into consideration, the best way to train a Pokemon will be to max out two primary stats.

Do know that, every time a Pokemon battles, it will earn EV points, you may end up resetting EV using a Reset Bag in Super Training in order to avoid having EV points in stats that you do not need.

You can either go by the reset approach or start EV training as soon as you catch a Pokemon to avoid investing these points in worthless stats. You can increase EV either by Super Training or EV Training.

Super Training and EV

With the help of Effort-O-Meter, you will be able to keep an eye out on the Base Stats of your Pokemon. Along with this, you would be able to increase these Stats using the Super Training.

The green bar will display the original Stat of you Pokemon while the Yellow bar will exhibit how much the Stat has increased.

This gives players an idea of how much Effort Value Points are needed for leveling up each Stat. Though the exact amount is unknown, it still is something.

Mini Games
There are certain mini-games available to train your Pokemon.

You will enter a tutorial for a mini-game after starting the Super Training session and then six games will become available for increasing the Stats for Speed, Defense, HP, Attack, Special Attack, and Special Defense.

The rules of this game are pretty simple. All you need to do is to score maximum number of points in the given time by shooting the ball in the goals. Once you put the ball through a goal, it will disappear from the field.

Note: You may also come across a red goal post which grants you bonus points.

Furthermore, you will be able to throw the ball with a normal shot and a charged shot. A goal scored with a charged shot will let you score three times more points.

The goal posts will be on a balloon which will retaliate by shooting the soccer ball back at you. There are three ways in which the balloon can retaliate:

Sometimes, the balloon will throw the soccer balls back at you which you will have to escape. These balls will also chase you around the field and you will have to jump, duck, and move left or right to escape from it.

At other instances, there will appear three balloons in front of the goal posts which will have certain amount of HP. You will have to deplete the HP in order to get to the goal post.

And finally, there will appear some barriers in front of the goal which will restrict your ability to shoot at the goal. Once again, you will have to break these barriers in order to reach the goal.

Successfully completing the mini-games will award you with certain rewards:

  • Level 1 (Easy Difficulty) – 4 EV Points
  • Level 2 (Normal Difficulty) – 8 EV Points
  • Level 3 (Hard Difficulty) – 12 EV Points

After completing the mini-games, Pokemon will be awarded with a punching bag which can be used to earn more of these EV Points to increase the Stats. The Pokemon can either hit the bags themselves or you can do it by tapping on the screen.

Note: Hitting the bags by tapping on the screen will grant more EV Points.

It is quite obvious but the bigger bags need more hits before they break. A breakdown of all these bags is given below:

  • S Bag (Need 10 Hits) – 1 EV Point
  • M Bag (Need 25 Hits) – 4 EV Point
  • L Bag (Need 50 Hits) – 12 EV Point
  • Strength Bag (Need 10 Hits) – More EV Points in the mini-games
  • Big-Shot Bag (Need 10 Hits) – Chances of hitting the goal posts are increased
  • Toughen-Up Bag (Need 10 Hits) – Balloon shots become ineffective
  • Soothing Bag (Need 250 Hits) – Affection is increased by a small bit

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