Pokemon X and Y Starter Pokemon Guide

In Pokemon X and Y, you will be asked to choose one of three Pokemon at the start of the game. You will be asked to choose from Fire-Type, Water-Type, and Grass-Type.

However, you will NOT be provided the Pokemon directly via Professor Sycamore. Instead, Professor Sycamore will give it to your friends, and you will get them from there at Aquacorde Town.

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The three Pokemon that you will choose from are:

  • Chespin
  • Fennekin
  • Froakie

Chespin is a Grass-Type Pokemon which is amazing in Defense Stat and Attack Stat. The HP Stat of this Pokemon is also pretty decent and Chespin can be considered as the best when it comes to dealing damage.

When you reach Level 16, it will transform into Quilladin and at Level 36, it will transform into Chesnaught.

A Fire-Type Pokemon which transfers into Braixen at Level 16 and into Delphox at Level 36.

The biggest highlight of this Pokemon is its Speed and Special Attack. Owning to these Stats; this Pokemon is very difficult to catch. The Defense is not that decent but it gets the job done.

Froakie is a Water-Type Pokemon which transforms into Frogadier at Level 16 and into Greninja at Level 36.

The highlight of this Pokemon is its Speed and Special Attack. The Attack is pretty decent but far away from the best. However, when it comes to HP, it will not take long before it is taken out.

Starter Pokemon
Once you reach Professor Sycamore after getting the first Gym Badge, you will be asked to choose a starter Pokemon from the Kanto Region. The Pokemon at your disposal will be:

  • Bulbasaur (Special Defense and Special Attack)
  • Charmander (Special Attack and Speed)
  • Squirtle (Defense and Special Defense)

Along with the Starter Pokemon, Professor will also give you a Mega Stone which will allow you in the transformation of into Mega-Evolved Pokemon.

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