Pokemon Sword and Shield Best EV Training Locations Guide

Train your Pokemon to perform better by training and upgrading their EV in Pokemon Sword and Shield with the help of this guide

In this guide, we will be discussing all the Efforts Values also termed as EVs and their usage. We will also be discussing sending Pokemon to Hammerlocke University using Poke Jobs and the use of items to increase EVs and more. So for a joy ride filled with Pokemon Sword and Shield Best EV Training Locations, let’s get going.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Best EV Training Locations

These Effort Values are used to make any Pokemon stronger in a specific stat.

EV values are different from Individual Values because those are the inherited values that affect Pokemon’s natural potential but on the contrary, you have to earn Effort Values through battle or by using special items e.g. vitamins and wings.

You can add an EV to one of the six base stats of a Pokémon which will increase its value and make it much stronger.

You get an EV point from each Pokemon you defeat and that EV will be for the stat which the Pokemon is known for. You can increase a stat by one if you have four EV points.

You cannot get you Pokemon unlimited EV points. The most EV points that can be earned are 510 and you can only use 252 EVs maximum for a single stat.

You have to be strategic here as you can only max out two stats and raise the third one slightly.

To train EV and upgrade them, follow the following steps

Starting with Pokemon that have Good Stats
In order to get the best pokemon possible in the future, you must make sure that you select a pokemon that has good stats from the start.

If you get the best pokemon then it is confirmed that you will have three best IVs and you probably even get an egg move which is not easy to get and it can only be acquired through breeding.

The perfect pokemon would be achieved if you breed Pokemon that have glowing Auras. A pokemon with the right nature would be the best option because it has an effect on two separate stats of that Pokemon.

Hammerlocke University
Using poke job board, you can send your pokemon to Hammerlocke University seminars after you have achieved your 4th Gym Badge.

You can EV train easily with these seminars, up to 10 Pokemon can be sent at a time. This is what these seminars offer:

Seminar EV Effect
HP seminar Increases HP
Attack seminar Increases Attack
Defense seminar Increases Defense
Sp. Atk seminar Increases Sp. Atk
Sp. Def seminar Increases Sp. Def
Speed Increases Speed

You can select how much time they will be gone for and it is directly proportional to the increase in their stats.

Using Items

If you use these items on a pokemon, it will increase their EV, this also includes Vitamins which would give the pokemon 10 EVs. You can also use wings also known as feathers with which you will 1 EV for each. We will discuss these in detail:

You can get these from Wyndon and can be used to max out your EV and you will get 10 EV points for each vitamin for use.

Vitamins EV Effect
HP Up Increases HP
Protein Increases Attack
Iron Increases Defense
Calcium Increases Sp. Atk
Zinc Increases Sp. Def
Carbos Increases Speed

All Vitamins are worth 10,000. So, if you have the money you can increase your EVs using vitamins easily.

They have a feather-like appearance, and you can find them at sparkling spots on the bridges between Route 5 and Hulbury; and Motostoke and Motostoke Outskirts. They will be re-available every other day. You can get one EV from each wing.

Wing EV Effect
Health Wing HP
Muscle Wing Attack
Swift Wing Speed
Clever Wing Sp. Defense
Genius Wing Sp. Attack
Resist Wing Defense

Using Berries
As you only have a limit of 510 EVs and you will probably need to remove EVs. You can do this using berries.

 Berry EV Effect   
Kelpsy Berry (Lowers Attack) **Lowered by 10 EVs
Increase Happiness.
Hondew Berry Lowers Sp. Atk
Grepa Berry Lowers Sp. Def
Pomeg Berry Lowers HP
Qualot Berry Lowers Def.
Tamato Berry Lowers Speed

It is mentioned that whenever you defeat and catch a pokemon you will get 1 to 3 EV points.

Best EV training locations

There is no best place to EV train an individual stat in Sword And Shield because of the spawning system. In the wild areas, you have a much higher cap of Pokemon spawning than anywhere elsewhere. The best place changes from day to day since Pokemon spawn rates depend on the weather.

In normal weather, Rolling Fields Combee has a 60% chance to spawn. It gives Speed EVs but it will not spawn in any other weather so you wouldn’t be able to get speed reliably. You have to go around and explore areas in different weathers to see what spawns you get.

However, there are quite a few common Pokemon on routes that will give you EVs quite reliably.

Skwovet (Route 2), +1 HP EV

Cloboppus (Route 9, next to the Spikemuth entrance), +1 Attack EV

Giant Persian (Route 7) +2 Attack EV

Rolycoly (Route 3), + 1 Def EV

Sp. Attack
Vanillite (Wild Area: Just outside meeting area) +1 Sp. Attack EV

Sp. Def
Duskull (Wild Area: the Ghost tower), +1 Sp. Def EV

Rookidee (Route 2), + 1 Speed EV

Liepard (Route 7) +2 Speed EV

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