Pokemon Sword and Shield Motostoke Outskirts Walkthrough

Continue your journey out of Galar Mine 2 and head towards Motostoke Outskirts of Pokemon Sword and Shield in order to get a new badge

So your journey in Sword and Shield brings you to the beautiful area of the Motostoke Outskirts after you finish your journey and exit the previous area of Galar Mine 2. We will be describing all about the Motostoke Outskirts area specifically including all the locations of the Pokemon and your storyline in chronological order. Let’s get started with this Pokemon Sword and Shield Motostoke Outskirts Walkthrough.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Motostoke Outskirts

So first of all, the area is quite blessed with some nice species of the Pokemon. Here is a general list of them:

Over Town

  • Noctowl (Level 22-26)
  • Sudowoodo (Level 22-26)
  • Koffing (Level 22-26)
  • Hatenna (Level 22-26)
  • Sawk (Level 22-26)

In Grass Patches
All of these found in the Glass Patches have level 21-24.

  • Scraggy: Dark/Fight Type
  • Roggenrola: Rock Type
  • Pawniard: Dark/Steel Type
  • Chewtie: Water Type
  • Impidimp: Dark/Fairy Type

However, apart from the Pokemon hunt, the main purpose of coming to this area is to train and hence to encounter Madam Caroline and Police Officer Raymond.

Both of the characters are more like your trainers and they train you towards the Motostoke Gym where you will be going ahead in the game.

Your first rival trainer, Madam Caroline, is equipped with two Pokemon. One of them is the Yanker and the other one is Swoobat. You can see the levels and the types here:


  • Level: 22
  • Type: Electric


  • Level: 24
  • Type: Psychic/Flying

Once you are done with Miss Caroline, you will be introduced to yet another trainer, strangely dressed as a Police Officer and none other than Police Officer Raymond!

Officer Raymond has a Growlithe with following stats:


  • Level: 23
  • Type: Fire

The Growlithe is a fire-type of the Pokemon so you should keep yourself safe of the burns!

Once you are done with both of the trainers, you have now to go back to the Motostoke. Once you reach there, head towards the Budew Inn.

Inside the Budew Inn of Motostoke Outskirts, you will find Marnie, who will be provoking you for yet another battle.

Marnie likes fighting and especially Dark Types. It would be best to use your Fairy-type pokémon here.

However, Marnie is quite a player as she has three Pokemon, a Croagunk which throws poison, a Scraggy which does the dark fights for Marnie, and a Morpeko which specializes in electric shocking and dark fights, as shown below:


  • Level: 24
  • Type: Poison/Fighting


  • Level: 24
  • Type: Dark/Fighting


  • Level: 26
  • Type: Electric/Dark

So go on, knock all of them out and you will receive 2 burn heals too. The next day will be your Motostoke Gym day!

Motostoke Gym
Motostoke Gym is the final location where you will be battling against Fire-type competitors. The game here goes in a way that you have to earn 5 points before your opponent does.

There are in total 3 Trainers here, and so 3 Wild Pokemons too. Defeating a Pokemon grants you 1 point, while catching the Pokemon awards you with 2 points. The only thing to keep a watch on is the opponent’s score. Just don’t let him reach 5 points before you do!

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