Pokemon Sword and Shield Hammerlocke Walkthrough

Learn everything about the city of Hammerlocke and all the activities you can take part in with our Pokemon Sword and Shield guide

Your journeys to becoming a Pokemon trainer will take you across the whole Galar region. And one of the many cities you will pass through will be Hammerlocke. Hammerlocke has both a great castle and a huge city. There are many collectibles you can get here with our Pokemon Sword and Shield Hammerlocke walkthrough before you head off on your way to get the gym badge.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Hammerlocke

The Pokemon center in the city has a new shop now. Talk to the girl on the right and you’ll get the option to buy many things in exchange for BP

Item Price Item Price
Rare Candy 20 BP Whipped Dream 10 BP
Protector 10 BP Power Belt 10 BP
Pp Up 10 BP Sachet 10 BP
Reaper Cloth 10 BP Power Lens 10 BP
Power Bracelet 10 BP HP Up 2 BP
Power Band 10 BP Protein 2 BP
Power Anklet 10 BP Iron 2 BP
Power Weight 10 BP Zinc 2 BP
Macho Brace 10 BP Calcium 2 BP
Destiny Knot 10 BP Carbos 2 BP
Razor Claw 10 BP    

Three shops line the road on the left in Hammerlocke, a boutique shop for new clothing, a battle café where you fight a double of higher-level Pokemon once a day, and a barbershop. Along the Left road, you’ll see a Battle Court where Rhyhorn and Gastrodon are preparing for an epic battle.

The bridge further this path is blocked by Team Yell goons so head back into the city. You can also go to the moat where an Old Man will be willing to teach your Pokemon a Battle-Combo move. Along the right path from the Pokemon Center, as you turn the corner, you’ll see three houses.

The first is of the bird lady while the third also has nothing noteworthy. The person in the second house will give you a Heat Rock.

Head down further and you’ll also come across a train station. Once everything is collected, just head back to the entrance of Hammerlocke and speak to Rose, Oleanna, and Bede.

After a Short Chat, head inside the stadium, where you’ll get instructed by Rose to find the Vault in Hammerlocke. The Vault itself is located on the West side of Hammerlocke.

Hammerlocke Collectibles
The following are the collectibles you can get throughout the City of Hammerlocke.

Focus Sash: Enter the House on the left of the Pokemon Center. Talk to Black Belt Brian and fight his Level 2 Cottonee. You can not KO it because of the Focus Sash. Just win and you’ll get your own Focus Sash.

Super Repel: in the corner, where a Noibat is flapping around a small child, look for it along the brick pillar.

Hyper Portion: Just opposite to the brick pillar where you find the Super Repel, you can find two Hyper Portions.

X Attacks: Cross the bridge and you will find two X Attacks hidden to the left of the Pokemon center.

Muscle Band: Head left. Continue along the path and you’ll find a court where a Gastrodon and Rhyhorn are preparing for a Battle. Here, look behind the benches on the right. The Muscle Band is behind one of them.

Togepi: Though not a collectible, a lady on the left side of the same court will offer to exchange her Togepi in return for a Toxel. You might have a free Toxel if you visited the nursery om route 5 and talked to the lady inside, which you may now exchange with the lady here.

Tart Apple/Sweet Apple: Continue down the path on your left from the court and you’ll eventually see a guy just standing there. Chat will him and agree to lend him your Applin (you will get it back). Watch the cutscene and you’ll be rewarded. Depending on your version of the game, the reward will differ. Pokemon Sword users will get a Tart Apple to evolve Applin into Flapple. Pokemon Shield users will get Sweet Apple to evolve Applin into Appletun.

Soothe Bell: From the Pokemon Center again, head right this time and enter the first house you see. Here a small child will tell you how friendly you are to the Pokemon you select….also chat to a girl in the back and she’ll hand you a Sooth Bell.

Dire Hit: Out of the house, as you turn the corner on the right path, spot and grab the hidden Dire Hit.

Heat Rock: Head into the third house on after the corner. Talk to the Man inside and listen to him talk about the weather. This will get you a Heat rock. You can come back every day to get a new day related Item.

Strawberry Sweet: After passing the train station, you’ll see that Team Yell is blocking the path. Head up the stairs and near the gate is a Strawberry Sweet.

Rare Candy: In the corner behind the Poke Ball statue, you can find a hidden Rare Candy.

Letter to Frank: The girl at the end of the building near the door has a letter she wants to send to Frank of Ballonlea. You font have access to that location yet, so just get the letter and hold on to it.

Nugget: Can be found behind the Hammerlocke Sign.

Level ball: Talk to the guy before heading out of the stadium to get it.

Hammerlocke Wild Pokemon

Following wild Pokemon can be found around Hammerlocke.

Pokemon Location
Garbodor East Lake Axewell
Liepard North Lake Miloch
Snorlax Motostoke Riverbank
Conkeldurr Motostoke Riverbank
Koffing Motostoke Riverbank
Sawk Motostoke Riverbank
Ribombee Bridge Field
Goldeen Bridge Field
Wobbuffet Bridge Field
Greedent Bridge Field
Bewear Bridge Field
Tranquill Stony Wilderness
Araquanid Stony Wilderness
Boldore Stony Wilderness
Gollisopod Stony Wilderness
Diggersby Stony Wilderness
Corviknight Stony Wilderness
Torkoal Stony Wilderness
Solrock Stony Wilderness
Klang Hammerlocke Hills
Machoke Hammerlocke Hills
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