Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area Tips

The wild open area in the Galar Region of Pokemon Sword and Shield is filled with new wonders for players to explore and exciting Pokemon to catch. In this guide, we are going to give you some useful tips to help in the wild area and what you can expect when roaming the world.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area

Pokemon Sword and Shield are utilizing the power of Nintendo’s handheld consoles to deliver a highly dynamic experience for the first time. We know that the wild area is a huge open-world exploration area, bigger than any other Pokemon game before and even bigger than two areas of Breath of the Wild combined.

The area has four biomes in it

  • Normal
  • Water
  • Marshlands
  • Desert

These are further divided into eighteen locations that fall in these four biomes

  • Meetup Spot
  • Rolling Field
  • Dappled Grove
  • South Lake Miloch
  • Axew’s Eye
  • Dusty Bowl
  • East Lake Axewell
  • North Lake Miloch
  • Giant’s Seed
  • West Lake Axewell
  • Motostoke Riverbank
  • Giant’s Cap
  • Lake of Outrage
  • Watchtower Ruins
  • Bridge Field
  • Stony Wilderness
  • Giant’s Mirror
  • Hammerlocke Hills

Great Weather Mechanics
The weather in this area is very creatively designed. It changes relative to your location and time of day. You can even experience thunderstorms here, which may spawn Electric-type Pokemon. Not only electric-type Pokemon but due to the dynamic weather and day-night cycle, the Pokemon you encounter will continue to differ.

Visible Pokemon
A very cool mechanic of this area is that, instead of bumping into Pokemon randomly, you will actually be able to see the wild Pokemon – in a Symbol Encounter Style. Not only does that help you avoid those annoying random encounters when you just want to reach the new town but also helps you see if there is some interesting Pokemon nearby that you want to catch.

Powerful Pokemon

You can start exploring the Wild Area as soon as you enter it but beware as going to the wrong places can make you encounter some of the most powerful Pokemon. They can be of level 25 or even level 50. It doesn’t matter if you are at a higher level or not, your encounter is not stopped by it.

The Wild Area hosts very strong Pokemon, some of which you won’t even be able to toss a Poke Ball at, in the initial phase of the story. At the start, you can only catch up to level 20 Pokemon and to get higher ones, you need to get gym badges.

Since you can always return to previously visited locations, always keep returning to the wild open world and take a break from dungeons and buildings to check out new Pokemon and even get your hands on some powerful ones.

Search for TMs
Initially, you won’t have a variety of Pokemon you will be able to catch in the first few zones of Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, it is still advised to thoroughly explore these areas in order to find and collect TMs which will prove very useful once you are actually able to catch high level Pokemon.

Another cool new gameplay mechanic in Pokemon Sword and Shield is whistling. Considering the 3D design and open Wild Area in the game, if you are unable to reach flying Pokemon you can actually whistle to attract them towards you and battle them.

Raid Dens
While exploring, you might see a pile of glowing rocks on the ground. These are raid dens and you should always interact with them as they can reward you with useful items like Watts. Watts is a currency you can use to purchase TRs or even upgrade your bike speed, which you unlock during Route 9.

Fishing has also been changed in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Whenever you see a body of water with a dark spot in it and bubbles, make sure to fish there and you will be able to catch or battle a wild water-type Pokemon.

Unlike previous games, you don’t need a fishing rod either. However, in order to catch visible big Pokemon in the water, you will need your bike.

You are going to come across some NPCs in the Wild Area who help you with different activities in the game. There are NPCs for customizing your bike and tent, changing your curry dex, taking you to dens for Max Raid Battles, trade-off Watts, help you search for items and so much more.

Use your Watts
You are going to earn a lot of Watts in the Wild Area through battles and exploring the areas. You can use Watts there to buy useful items for yourself.

Digging Duo
Your Watts can help you hire Digging Duo who helps you find useful items and Pokemon fossils.

Buy Food
To fill your Curry Dex, you can go to the grocer and buy ingredients for your food.

Curry Dex and Tent Colors
You can change your Curry Dex and Tent color by talking to an NPC there. You earn rewards as well depending on the recipes you have got in your Curry Dex.

You can leave the new Pokemon at the Nursery who are going to be taken care of and get raised there. Later you can visit back and get them.

Win the race on your bike to earn rewards.

You can customize your bike by talking to an NPC. You can change the bike outfit and cool down rate of the bike’s turbo.

Max Raid Battles
For these battles, you enter the dens with a team of four players and fight with either Dynamax or Gigantax Pokemon to earn rewards and capture Pokemon.

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