Pokemon Sword and Shield Route 2 Walkthrough

Continue your journey to the grass gym, catch new Pokemon and cross through Route 2 with our detailed Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

As our adventure through Sword and Shield continues, you will get to Route 2 at some point which might have brought you to this guide of ours. Because here we will be discussing the whole walkthrough of Pokemon Sword and Shield Route 2 along with the hidden collectibles you can find here and details of the Pokemon you can find in this area and we will also discuss how you can strategize your way to get the Grass Badge.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Route 2 Walkthrough

Go and talk to Hop before Leon comes in and practically knocks you over but you will forgive his rude behavior because he will give you 20 Poke balls.

Moving forward you will see two patches of grass in Route 2 that you have to go through and following this path will take you to a kid in red clothes who would be very mischievous. This would be our first trainer and as you get close enough to him you will see two light bars on the corner of the screen and the music will settle down as well.

This indicates that if you move any closer you will get out of the line of sight of the trainer and a battle will start. The kid, Jake will have only once Pokemon, Skwovet.

Type: Grass
Rarity: 38%

You will defeat this kid and take his cash from him and then move forward towards your first junction. You would have to make a choice here, we suggest that you go left and grab the two potions that are present there.

Then another junction will appear and you will have to take the right path and pass through the tall grass and get three Poke balls at the end. When you move forward you will get the option to either ignore and go around the trainer there or fight her. You will get extra XP if you fight her so it is advised that you do. She will have a Chewtle to fight with your Pokemon.

Type: Grass
Rarity: 10%

After you win and take her money as well you will move forward and find Benjamin and you will have to fight him as well in order to cross the bridge. He will only have a Blipbug and a Nickit so don’t worry about this one.

Now you are done with the trainers for now so you can cross the bridge and go right towards the grass and find a Repel in the patch of dirt. You will see a bench alongside a lake on the left and as you already have a fishing rod in your inventory. So you can now fish and get some water Pokemon.

Type: Shadow
Rarity: 40%

Type: Grass
Rarity: 15%

When you are done fishing you can start going towards the house to meet Professor Magnolia. After some lines, you will have to fight Hop, again! But before you do that, you need to go outside and follow the stone path which is in the garden on your left. You will find some invisible freshwater hiding on a pot and a Great ball there. Now the battle can start whenever you are ready.

When you are ready to fight, you can challenge Hop in the battle court and this time you will have to fight with his three Pokemon (Rookidee is also added).

Type: Grass, Shadow
Respective Rarity: 30%, 25%

When you have defeated Hop you will get an endorsement letter for the Gym Challenge along with a shooting star that will come crashing to the ground, the universe is just very happy with us, so you will get a Wishing Star.

As the cutscene continues, a Dynamax Band will be made using the stone by Professor Magnolia which helps Pokémon grow into large sizes at “power spots.” Then you will have a chat with Hop and go back through route 2 to the train station in the lower left part of town.

You will meet Hop there. He will give you TM40 Swift. This item will help your Pokémon learn specific moves. Then you in the station and you will get more gifts from mom which would be Camping Gear which would prove to be very useful for.

Other pokemon that you can find in this area are:

Name Seedot Hoothoot Magikarp Arrokuda Barraskewda Gyarados Yamper Galarian Zigzagoon
Area Shadow Shadow Fish Fish, Surf Surf Surf Grass Grass
Rarity 20% 10% 80% 5%, 70% 28% 2% 5% 2%

This is all there is about Route 2 in Sword and Shield.

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