Pokemon Go Could Soon Be Banned in Thailand If Demands Are Not Met

Pokemon Go has already been banned in Iran and now it could soon be banned Thailand. National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) of Thailand recently held a meeting to discuss Geo Tracking Apps, especially Pokemon Go.

The regulatory body came to a conclusion that it is unsafe to allow Pokemon Go to create Pokestops and spawn Pokemon at and around Royal Palace, temples, private buildings, and dangerous areas like roads or rivers. Thailand has contacted Niantic and asked them to cooperate to make adjustments to the game.

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They also made it clear that if Niantic does not respond positively, they will ban the game in Thailand starting August 17.

Pokemon Go has been successful across the globe but at the same time at the center of controversy. The game caused many to be mugged, shot, stabbed and some even fell off a cliff in California. It is a dangerous game to play if your IQ level and attention span is comparable to an 11 year old.

The Pokemon Company and Niantic is yet to share a statement regarding the ban threat from Thailand.

Do you think Niantic should work with Thailand authorities to make Pokemon Go safer for its users? Share what you think in the comments below.

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