Pokemon Go Lucky Egg and Egg Incubator Guide: Best Way to Hatch

Pokemon Go Lucky Egg and Egg Incubator guide to help you know the differences between Lucky Egg and Pokemon Eggs and the best ways to hatch both of them.

While playing Pokemon Go, you will get your hands on two types of eggs – Pokemon Eggs and Lucky Eggs.

Although both are eggs, each one behaves very differently from the other. Lucky Eggs essentially allow you to double your XP gain for about 30 minutes and Pokemon Eggs hatch into a Wild Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Eggs and Incubators Guide

This guide details eveything you need to know about Lucky Eggs, Pokemon Eggs, and Incubators!

Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs

Since your every action in Pokemon Go provides you with XP, Lucky Eggs can be used in order to Power Level in the game.

You can either get your hands on them by buying them from PokeShops or by levelling up your Trainer. From PokeShops, you can get x1 for 80 PokeCoins, x8 for 500 PokeCoins, and x25 for 1,250 PokeCoins.

As for Trainer Level, you get x1 at Trainer Level 9, 10, 15, and x2 at Trainer Level 20. The ideal time to use Lucky Eggs is during mass evolution, using Incense to capture multiple Pokemon, and while hatching Pokemon Eggs.

Pokemon Eggs and Incubators

Pokemon Eggs, on the other hand, are randomly awarded for visiting a PokeStop. If you let these eggs stay in your inventory, they will remain there and will hatch themselves. In order to do so, you need an Incubator.

You get an Orange Incubator at the very beginning of the game which has unlimited uses. You can also get Blue Incubators from PokeStops, but they break after x3 uses.

Once a Pokemon Egg has been placed inside an Incubator, you must walk a specific distance in order to hatch it. The distance that you need to walk depends upon Pokemon Egg. There are 2km Pokemon Eggs, 5km Pokemon Eggs, and 10km Pokemon Eggs.

As a general rule of thumb, 10km Pokemon Eggs yield the rarest Pokemon. The CP of hatched Pokemon is directly related to your Trainer Level. You can get your hands on multiple Incubators and get multiple Pokemon Eggs hatched at the same time.

The game has an anti-cheat system which does not allow you to cheat it into thinking that you are walking while you are in a car. You can, however, trick it by using a motorcycle or bicycle as long as you do not go past 15mph or 24km/h.

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