Iran Officially Bans Pokemon Go After Lack of Niantic Cooperation

Iran has become one of the first countries to actually ban Pokemon Go. The country spoke with Niantic to see if they'll cooperate.

Pokemon Go has seen massive success and at the same time many issues and controversies have surrounded the title. Pokemon Go players are out in the streets catching Pokemon at the risk of their own well being.

Players are seen playing the game at wee-hours, risking their security. Many incidents have occurred where players have been shot, stabbed and threatened over Pokemon Go.

Many countries have expressed their concerns over the situation but Iran has become one of the first countries to actually ban Pokemon Go.

The decision is made by High Council of Virtual Spaces which is the official body overseeing such matters in Iran. Iran did speak with creator Niantic to see if they would co-operate before making the decision to ban Pokemon Go.

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Indonesia also forbade its police officers from playing the game while on duty. Elsewhere, a cleric issued a Fatwa (religious ruling) againts Go to stop people from playing this virtual reality title.


On a related note, Niantic is terminating third party Go apps constantly.

Players are now starting to be annoyed and many are dropping the game. Killing third party apps pretty much kills and purpose of the app. Players are who dropped the game for good say that the app does not work as intended.

Moreover, Niantic is being sued over players trespassing private properties. Head over to the link to read more about it.

Do you think banning Pokemon Go is a solution? Should Niantic, instead, allow countries some control over the game?

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