Persona 5 Strikers Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss Guide

This Persona 5 Strikers Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss guide will let you know about the Sendai Jail King along with his weakness, strengths, skills, and stats.

Persona 5 Strikers has been released and we have made a Persona 5 Strikers Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss guide to let you know about the Sendai Jail King along with his weakness, strengths, skills, and stats. We will also tell you different strategies to defeat Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Persona 5 Strikers Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss

Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss or Ango Natsume is not the toughest of the Bosses that you will face in Persona 5 Strikers.

You will encounter him at Sendai’s Jail. He transforms into a Dragon with a golden armor during the boss fight. His armor sheds off as it gets damaged and his skin will ultimately appear.

Boss Fight Preparations
Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss has a weakness against Ice and Bless skills. He is also resistant to Fire, Curse, Electricity, Wind and Nuclear skills

For the fight against Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss, bringing Sophia, Haru and Yusuke will be a good decision as they will make this Boss fight relatively easier for you.

They have different skills and abilities that can help you in this Boss fight. Ice crystals can be used on the Dragon to freeze him and the sword monuments can used to break down its defenses.

In addition, you will also need HP and SP recovery items for this fight. You can buy them from vending machines, stores, or you can cook these items yourself from scratch.

Dragon Ango Boss Skills and Abilities

Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss has certain skills of your own that can be used against you in the battle and can cause a great deal of damage to you.

Skyfall Gouran Kick
In Skyfall Gouran Kick, Ango’s body is slammed on the ground.

In Agilao, chances of a burn get rare, and medium fire range to a narrow range.

Demon Monarch Ice-Fire Drake Breaker
It is a heavy-hitting attack of ice and fireballs are used on a large range and can only be used when Ango is in the air.

In Maragion, chances of a burn get rare and medium fire range to a wide range.

Leg-Breaker Outrage Blade
In Leg-Breaker Outrage Blade, Ango’s tail is swiped on nearby enemies.

Masterpiece: Descent of the Demon Lord
In Masterpiece: Descent of the Demon Lord, Buffs are removed if the stagger’s gauge is broken by 1.

Also, Ango gets charged up and fly. His resistance and stats also increase.

Claw Scratch
In Claw Scratch, Ango uses his claws on the nearby enemies.

Judgment Hail
Judgement Hail is an Ice attack that is only used when Ango is in the air, and it makes the range of the Ice attacks wide.

Battle Strategies

Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss is quite slow, but he is still not that easy to kill. We have mentioned a few strategies below to make things easier for you

Dodge the attacks
Dodging his attacks by any means necessary should be your first priority during the Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss fight.

Use buffs and debuffs
Party members can use attack power, defense power, critical evasion buffs followed up by debuffs.

You can only access these buffs through Joker and Fox Personas. There is another special buff, Heat Riser, that can be accessed by Joker and is to be used in one buff.

You can increase the amount of damage you inflict on your enemies through Charge and Concentrate buffs.

Use Showtime Attacks
Showtime attacks can be very effective against the Boss. Fill up your showtime gauge and attack the Boss with the Showtime attack.

Showtime gauge can also be built up using a consumable item.

Dodge special attacks
Make sure to avoid the special attacks of the Boss like Judgement Hail and Outrage Blade.

In case of Judgement Hail, when the Boss goes up in the air for the ice attack, jump and move away to dodge the attack.

In Outrage Blade, you can avoid the tail sweep by jumping at the right moment.

Dodge Maragion
Maragion is a fire attack of Ango that needs to be dodged if you don’t want to get burn.

Use Status Ailments
Inflict a status ailment to the Boss, followed by technical damage by physical and gun attacks.

Cure Status Ailments
Use Status Recovery Items or Amrita drop to cure the status ailments

Use Ice Crystals
Stun Damage Ango using the Ice Crystals and then attack him with everything you have got in your arsenal.

Use Ice cubes to freeze Ango
Once it gets activated and gets covered in flames, you have to break the buff as soon as he gets on the ground.

Get him near the Ice cube and cause an explosion by denoting the cubes.

He will become frozen and you will be able to inflict a huge amount of damage to him.

Use Holy Magic
Use Yusuke or Sophia’s Holy Magic as he is weak against Holy Magic.

Use Phantom Dash
Phantom Dash can be used if you see him floating in the air with a blue orb above his head.

Use Terrain Gimmicks
Once you see the Terrain Gimmicks, transfer on them, and start using the Phantom Dash.

Pillar is the first terrain gimmick that can be used from a higher spot to inflict damage.

The second Terrain gimmick is Pile of Swords used to inflict Bless damage on Ango.

Ice Shards are the third Terrain gimmick used to unload Ice shards on Ango.

Use Ice And Bless Attacks
Inflicting Ice and Bless attacks through Fox’s Goemon and Sophie’s Pithos can help you a great deal in this boss fight.

Choose the range of weapons wisely
Narrow range elemental skills are used if Ango is close to you, and wide range elemental skills are used if Ango is far from you.

Attack from behind
The person behind the Boss can inflict a great deal of damage to Ango as all his attacks are from the front.


By defeating Nightmare Dragon Ango Boss, you will get 2400 Exp in the Base Game, 1680 in the Painful Past and 14000 Exp in Painful Past+.

Similarly, you will get 15600 Yen in the Base Game, 10920 Yen in Painful Past and 54600 Yen in Painful Past+.

You will also get 1 Accessory in Painful Past+ and If you clear Sendai Jail, you will also get Cage of Vanity Conquered Trophy.

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