Persona 5 Strikers Leveling Guide

Persona 5 Strikers feature classic Persona features, granting you multiple personas and allowing you to level up and utilize every...

Persona 5 Strikers feature classic Persona features, granting you multiple personas and allowing you to level up and utilize every one of these personas in combat in a different way. This Persona 5 Strikers Leveling guide will help you level up efficiently in P5 Strikers.

Persona 5 Strikers Leveling

Since you have many personas for yourself, you also need to level them up but keep in mind that the level of each of your persona can never increase the max level of your protagonist. Keep this in mind, so you don’t invest in a persona you cannot upgrade.

To upgrade your personas, you need Persona Points. There are only two ways to earn these points:

  • When you loot masks from enemies and enslave them as your own Personas.
  • You earn points when you release a Persona from your active list.

A way to work past this system is that you utilize the Velvet Room. You can register any persona here and then that persona can be summoned for a fee depending on the persona’s level.

Now, register any active personas you are not using, and then release them. This gets you free Persona Points, and you can summon these personas if you need them. This method requires lots of cash and a hefty amount of cash should be on your hands to do this.


Persona 5 Strikers requires a lot of grinding to rank up. Your best bet to level up early is by grinding as much as you can.

Keep going through the story and try to unlock as many dungeons as possible. Also, clear them out and engage and kill every enemy. These dungeons will be useful later on as well.

Treasure Bonds

Persona 5 Strikers again includes Treasure Demons, which are sources of LOADS of treasures, rare items and XP. These spawn randomly but investing in Treasure Hunter Bond Skill increases the chance of spawning of these demons.

These demons may be tough, but the amount of XP they give is worth it and the rare items they drop are an added bonus.


As said for the dungeons, the best bet you get is that you face many mini-bosses in these dungeons that are a source of lots of XP for you.

These mini-bosses are just upgraded versions of regular Shadows that you encounter in the game. These may be harder but offer great rewards.

With each level cleared, for every dungeon, players can play Painful Past Requests. These are side missions where you again fight the game’s main bosses.

This may seem repetitive and tiring, however, it is a great way to farm XP and items. This becomes a park walk once you know the boss’s moves and attacks

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