Persona 5 Strikers Best Weapons Guide

Each character in Persona 5 Strikers possesses a signature weapon that grants them bonus effects and a boost in attack. With this Persona 5 Strikers Best Weapons guide, you’ll find a list of compiled weapons from the game that are definitely worth trying out.

Persona 5 Strikers Best Weapons

Throughout your experience with Persona 5 Strikers, you’ll find different builds to experiment with and see what suits you best.

Below is a list of compiled weapons that we find to be the most suitable with their respective characters in P5 Strikers.

P.L. Replica
The best weapon for Joker is the P.L. Replica which is obtained through the “Knocking on Death’s Door” request in Okinawa’s Jail.

Able to reduce Curse damage received and has 300 Attack.

Boss Drop: Reaper

Mjolnir Replica
The Mjolnir Replica for Skull is obtained through the “Painful Past+: Akira Konoe” request in Osaka’s Jail.

Able to boost Electricity damage and has 302 Attack.

Boss Drop: Osaka Jail King

C.S Replica
You can obtain the C.S Replica for Mona by completing the “Halt the Strutting Little Imp” request in Shibuya’s Jail.

SP +30 and 296 Attack.

Boss Drop: Black Frost

Abyss Whip Replica
The Abyss Whip Replica is a perfect choice for the Panther which can be acquired through the “Painful Past+: Alice Hiiragi” request in Shibuya’s Jail.

SP +30 and 290 Attack.

Boss Drop: Shibuya Jail King

Thin Edge Replica
For the Fox, you can get the Thin Edge Replica by completing the “Painful Past+: Ango Nastune” request in Sendai’s Jail.

Has a moderate chance to inflict fear on enemies and 304 Attack.

Boss Drop: Sendai Jail King

Vajra Replica
The Queen can make the best use of the Vajra Replica which can be obtained through the “Angel of Contracts Descends” in Tokyo Tower Jail.

Moderate chance to inflict Dizzy and 300 Attack.

Boss Drop: Metatron

F.M. Replica
You can get the F.M. Replica for Noir by completing the “Painful Past+: Mariko Hyodo” request in Sapporo’s Jail.

Magic Stat +5 and 308 Attack.

Boss Drop: Sapporo Jail King

Forbidden Fruit
You can acquire the Forbidden Fruit for Sophie by completing “Painful Past+: Demiurge” request in Tokyo Tower Jail.

Improves Bless Damage and has 292 Attack.

Boss Drop: Demiurge

Best weapon for Wolf is the Gram initially obtained by completing “The Writhing Nightmare Rising” request in Okinawa’s Jail.

+5 Endurance and 306 Attack.

Boss Drop: Mara

The Cocytus is a weapon acquirable in New Game+ for the Joker  by completing the “Painful Past+: Demiurge” request at the Tree of Life and Wisdom.

Reduces bless and curse damage received. 338 Attack.

Boss Drop: Demiurge

Basra can be acquired during New Game+ from Sendai’s Jail by completing the request “An Ebon God Descends”.

+5 Power and boosts electricity damage. 334 Attack.

Boss Drop: Seth

Eckesachs can be obtained in New Game+ by completing “Halt the Strutting Little Imp” in Shibuya’s Jail.

SP +30 and 330 Attack. 330 Attack.

Boss Drop: Black Frost

The Elips can be acquired in New Game+ by defeating a strong shadow.

+5 Magic and boosts bless damage. 328 Attack.

Wolf’s Cartagena can be acquired in New Game+ by defeating a strong shadow.

+5 Strength and +5 Endurance. 344 Attack.

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