Persona 5 Mara Weaknesses, How to Defeat

In Persona 5 Royal, Mara is found in the Kamoshida’s Palace, on the hidden floor in the underground dungeon. Mara's persona is wielded by...

In Persona 5 Royal, Mara is found in the Kamoshida’s Palace, on the hidden floor in the underground dungeon. A mini-boss, The Torn King of Desire, wields Mara’s persona. Mara is a Tower Arcana persona. Defeating Mara is a huge challenge since Mara is resistant and strong against almost every attack type in the game.

According to Buddhist mythology, Mara is a demon lord who sits atop the Sixth Heaven of Desire Realm. He leads all those astray who travel through Samsara with fake promises of happiness in the Desire Realm.

This guide will list Mara’s stats and strengths in Persona 5 Royal and how to defeat it.

Mara’s skills and stats

Assault DiveThis skill deals heavy physical damage to one of your foes.
DiaRestores a small amount of one of your ally’s HP.

Weaknesses and Tips to defeat Mara in Persona 5 Royal

Mara in Persona 5 Royal is only weak to Ice attacks. Marra will reflect Curse and Psychic attacks and blocks all Gun and Curse attacks. The boss is resistant to Bless attacks, and being a fire user itself, Mara will absorb all your Fire attacks.

When you face Mara in battle, its main focus will be attacking Ann, and your primary focus should be protecting Ann. Whenever Mara has its eyes set on Ann, heal her, have her guard against the attack, or cast Dormina on Mara, ensuring Ann can withstand all the punishment Mara dishes.

Your best bet to defeat Mara in Persona 5 Royal is to use Critical and Technical attacks. The best way to do this is by casting sleep on the boss or attacking until the boss has fear, then attacking it with Physical or Gun attacks.

You can use Mona’s Lucky Punch to land a successful critical hit on Mara. Repeatedly attacking Mara will knock down the boss, disarming the boss and pushing your offense on the monster. Try to apply and maintain status ailments on the boss.

As soon as you start the fight, try to apply a status ailment on the boss, especially Dormina, which renders the boss unable to attack you. Similarly, you can cast Evil Touch and Poison status ailments to increase the chances of causing fear and dealing continuous damage to the boss.

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