Persona 5 New Game Plus, What Carries Over

Since most players play Persona 5 Royal after completing it once, now the game is offering a New Game Plus mode where several of your...

Is it enough to end a game once. Short answer, no. Since most players play Persona 5 Royal after completing it once, now the game offers a New Game Plus mode where several of your abilities and upgrades from your previous playthrough carry over to the next playthrough from the start.

Here, we will look at what to expect from NG+ in Persona 5.

What carries over in Persona 5 NG+?

For Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, you get to keep all the money you saved in the previous playthrough, all your personas and equipment like weapons and armor.

You also keep your knowledge, charms, and the social stats you made in your previous playthrough. This allows you to focus on your studies or make further social links if you haven’t made them before. You also get extra free time, which you can spend on increasing your cooperation with the confidants in the game.

All your challenge and secret boss rewards will carry over in the Persona 5 New Game+. Not just that, even your progress in various challenges is carried over with items like Valentine Chocolates, Christmas gifts, and your stamp collection.

Stuff that isn’t carried over

The only major thing that doesn’t carry over in the Persona 5 New Game Plus is the level of Joker and other members of Phantom Thieves. You need to establish these levels again in the NG+.

Other than this, any points you have earned by fishing are not carried over to New Game+, along with those earned from the used clothes shop. Furthermore, items such as infiltration tools, stuffed toys, gifts, and miscellaneous items are unavailable in Persona 5 NG+.

You have to go through most of the dungeons in the game again, but it will be much easier this time as you have all the power-ups you can want and all the personas at your disposal for defeating all the enemies easily and quickly.

NG+ in Persona 5 Royal, What’s different?

Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal follow the same rules for New Game Plus. Both games carry almost the same items from your first playthrough to your second.

Furthermore, you get a boost to your HP and SP in New Game +. On top of all, you had previously attained the boosts through activities and training or meditating.

Persona 5 Royal FAQs

The first question you might have is whether enemies scale up in New Game+ or not. Interestingly, no. All the enemies in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal do not scale up in New Game Plus, making your initial encounters too easy. As you level up while playing through the game for the second time, it only gets easier for you.

If the challenge becomes too easy for you, you can change the difficulty of New Game+. Whatever difficulty you had for your previous playthrough, you can vary it to either higher or lower settings, depending on how you want it.

All your social stats carry on, so don’t worry if your cooperation levels with confidants are not high enough. You can increase your levels before starting the new game, but you can also decide to move to NG+ and work on your social stats in your next playthrough.

Since you have already made significant relations with everyone in the game, you don’t have to work as hard as before to enhance your interactions.

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