Persona 5 Royal Network Fusion Guide

Network Fusion is one of the Fusion types you get in Persona 5 Royal. Network Fusion unlocks on 19th September when you visit the Velvet room.

Persona 5 Royal throws more Personas than you can count or use. Fortunately, the game allows you to fuse your personas. Network Fusion is one of the Fusion types you get in the game that unlocks on 19th September when you visit the Velvet Room.

You can select one of your personas using Network Fusion and send it to the Ether with another player’s persona. The other persona you get in the fusion can be chosen from the personas other players have offered you to pick from. That makes Network Fusion an Online Only fusion option in Persona 5.

How Persona 5 Network Fusion works?

Network Fusion in P5 allows you to take one of your weaker personas and fuse them with another persona to make them stronger. The main focus of using Network Fusion is to get new personas with the best skills in the game. Some best skills are Almighty Boost, Almighty Amp, Magic Ability, and Soul Chain.

You can pick a person with these skills, and then the skill will move to your new persona. Other than that, you have the chance to unlock these skills as well during Network Fusion randomly.

You can use Persona 5 Network Fusion to try and buff up your weaker personas and get these skills on them or other disposable personas. If you successfully get your desired talent, you can move the skill to other personas using Gallows.


Network Fusion only works when you’re playing online

Tips and tricks for better network fusion results

First, there is no surefire way to get the desired results in Network Fusion. What skills and upgrades you get in Network Fusion to your new persona are entirely randomized. However, with all RNG mechanics, there are a few ways to try and tilt the outcome in your favor in Persona 5.

First, the level of the persona you get and the level of skills you get DO NOT depend on the individual levels of the chosen personas. Your level of persona after the fusion depends on your Player Character level.

Every persona has multiple network fusion results; for example, Sarasvati can turn into Skadi and Scathach. Interestingly, Skadi is Sarasvati’s Normal Network Fusion result, and Scathach is the rare result for Sarasvati Network Fusion, even though Scathach is technically a downgrade.

You need to know when you are getting rare variants to know which persona you want to aim for.

Did You Know

You can only do one Network Fusion per one in-game day in P5R

What happens when a Network Fusion fails?

Network Fusions in P5 always get you a new persona for yourself. You do get new skills on the persona no matter what.

Speaking of players, you might get personas that can be considered a failure as you might already have better versions of the same persona with better skills. Such personal outcomes might be considered failures, but there is a workaround.

Before you try Fusion, save your game and turn off autosaving. After a successful fusion, you can register your new persona in the Compendium. If your new persona is not to your liking, just reload your saved file and try again in P5R. Since the persona skill outcome is on RNG, you might get new and better skills the next time.

Network Fusion exclusive skills

The following skills are only available through Network Fusion in Persona 5 Royal

Magic AbilityIncreases magic damage by 1.25x
Almighty BoostIncreases almighty damage by 1.25x
Almighty AmpIncreases almighty damage by 1.5x
Soul ChainRestores 20 SP after a Baton Pass

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