How To Raise Expression Social Stat In Persona 4 Golden

The following guide will tell you how to increase your Expression Social Stat to unlock your social links in Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 4 Golden presents you with five basic stats and five social stats. Most of the players spend the majority of their in-game hours maxing out their basic stats, however, improving your social stats is important as well. Expression is one of those social stats and upgrading expression will open up various opportunities for you.

As the name suggests, the expression stat represents how well your character can ‘express’ himself in various social settings and is linked to your social expertise.

There are five levels to the Expression stat and raising your expression also allows you to unlock two Social Links. Also, you need to have Expression level 5 for the 12th Quest.

How to raise Expression in Persona 4 Golden

There are lots of ways that help you upgrade your expression Stat in Persona 4 Golden and unlock the Social Links that require the expression stat. You can participate in the classroom, work certain part-time jobs, join clubs and read specific books to earn points and upgrade your Expression level.

Classroom activity

One of the many ways to raise your Expression stat level is active participation in the classroom. This can be brought about by either helping your friend with a difficult answer or yourself providing correct answers to the asked questions in school which gives you 3 points.  

School clubs

Furthermore, the school provides you with two cultural clubs namely the Drama Club and the School Band and both of these contribute towards increasing your Expression Level in Persona 4 Golden.

The drama club and the school band both offer your opportunities to express yourself through literature and music and going to their practice days allows you to meet new people and develop the Sun Social Link.


You can also increase your Expression stat in Persona 4 Golden, by reading six specific books with a set number of chapters. To boost your Expression Level, read four chapters of The Ramen Way, The Punk’s Way, The O’Cha Way, The Divine Way, and The Gentle Way, and read three chapters of English Made Easy which will help you in the translator job.  

Part-time jobs

Two part-time jobs will increase your expression level. These include working as a tutor and a translator, both of which grant you verbal eloquence and hence the expression stat.

The Tutoring part-time job becomes available on the 25th of May and requires Understanding Level 5. This job grants you 3 points in P4 Golden.

You can also work the Translator job which is easier and becomes available on 23rd of April but it also needs you to work on your Knowledge skill.

Beef Bowl Challenge

Another way you can apply to max out your expression stat is to go to the Chinese Dinner Aya and order the Mega Beef Bowl Challenge. Although this will cost you 3000 Yen and you won’t be able to finish your bowl unless all your social stats are fulfilled, this will grant you an upgrade in any three social stats.

After applying these methods and increasing your Expression Stat level, you will be able to unlock two Social Links.

One of them is ‘Justice’ which is associated with Nanako Dojima. While talking to Nanako, you will be given dialogue choices that require certain Expression levels.

The other one is ‘Hierophant’ associated with Ryotaro Dojima, Nanako’s father. You will require Expression Level 2 to start this Social Link with Ryotaro Dojima and then as the Social Link rank progresses, you will need to upgrade your Expression Start further as well.

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