How To Raise Social Stats In Persona 3

In Persona 3, if you want to unlock certain social links, you must boost your social stats. You will only find three social stats in this...

In Persona 3, if you want to unlock certain social links, you must boost your social stats. You will only find three social stats in this game: Academics, Charm, and Courage. There are different ways to boost these stats; Some will take time, while others will give immediate results. These social stats can be easily improved by everyday activities like working part-time or behaving smartly in Persona 3.

Persona 3 character stats explained

As told earlier, you must raise your character’s social stats in the game to unlock new social links. As you increase your stats, you will get more and more Social Links options which eventually means more options to romance in Persona 3.

But the social links in P3 Portable can only be initiated when you have reached certain levels of stats. The protagonist’s interactions with other characters are uniquely affected by each stat, and they can be increased in various ways.

How to increase Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable

The increase in the number of points of the player for the stats is highly affected by the activities by which they are gained. Social Stats can be increased in various ways, such as; by working different jobs, eating certain foods, and visiting a mall.

Sometimes you can boost both social links and stats simultaneously. But there are some scenarios where you must choose between increasing social stats and improving social links. It is because of fact that some activities require time to gain social stats.

Here are some very effective methods to raise specific character stats in Persona 3 Portable.

How to increase Academics

Academics is the social stat in Persona 3 which tells about the performance of the player in the school. This stat is generally improved by studying in the library, attending classes, and reading books.

The common method to increase academic stats is to study at night in the protagonist’s room. This can get you two points. But studying in the school library can earn up to 4 points. Exceptionally, you can get up to 6 points if you study on Sunday.

Other ways to increase your academic stats include visiting Arcade in Paulownia Mall, where you can earn four points by playing a Quiz game, working part-time at De Blue V, or eating sushi at Wakatsu restaurant. But you will have to compromise with the social links as these require time to be spent on.

You can also boost your stats if you watch movies on weekends at Screen Shot in Persona 3. You can enjoy an exceptional increase in academic stats by taking advantage of Film Festival. Moreover, you can get affinity towards progression in the social link if you bring one together at the festival.

How to increase Courage

Courage is the stat which is the measure of the player’s bravery. This is the easiest stat which can be maxed out by earning just 80 points. It can generally be increased by engaging in various challenging activities such as working at jobs and talking confidently with people.

Visiting the arcade at Paulownia Mall is the best way to gain courage. Playing the horror house game is one of the best activities to boost the social courage stat in Persona 3.

You can also sing some Karaoke to boost the Courage stat quickly in P3 Portable. Other than these, even easting Wild Duck Burger can raise courage stat. You can get it from Iwatodai Station’s strip mall. Watching movies on Monday and Tuesday and working at the Chagall or Screen Shot Theater will also help you raise this character stat.

If you feel sick, drinking a mystery concoction at the school infirmary is a unique way to boost your Persona 3 courage stat. These activities increase other stats as well, along with courage.

How to increase Charm

Charm is the stat that determines how well the protagonist interacts with others. Charm in P3 Portable is increased by talking to people and engaging in conversations. Raising this stat is not so different than the courage stat. It can be quickly maxed out, but it requires effort very much.

You can boost multiple stats in Persona 3, mainly charm while spending your time by working at Chagall Café. You can build the stat at the same Café by drinking Phenomenal Coffee. Working at De Blue V is another opportunity to raise your charm stats along with your academics’.

Watching movies can again help you to build your stats if you watch them on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Visiting the arcade and playing the Print Club game increases this stat too. Moreover, eating ramen at Iwatodai Station’s strip mall and impressing classmates and teachers during class by answering questions will also boost your charm stat along with other stats.

Social stats are crucial to succeed in the game and progress quickly. It can be done by studying, working at jobs, talking to others, and doing various activities. Raising your Persona 3 social stats helps to build character and interact with others more effectively.

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