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Persona 3 Portable features creating and raising a friendship bond with your fellows from Gekkoukan High School, called Social links...

Persona 3 Portable features creating and raising a friendship bond with your fellows from Gekkoukan High School. Now, this bond-building is called Social Links in Persona 3 Portable. Social Link with a character indicates your relationship with that character in Persona 3. This guide helps you understand Persona 3 social links with details about all the social links in the game.

The Persona 3 Social Link will represent your friendship level with your fellow Persona. Establishing a Social Link with a persona is linked with the game’s story progression.

You can create a social link with a persona and Strengthen the bond by doing activities like choosing the correct dialogue, hanging out with them for a time, joining different clubs, and gifting them items from your inventory. Doing this will increase your Social Link stats and strengthen the bond with the Persona.

There are ten ranks for each Social Link in Persona 3 Portable. Each arcana’s social link maxes out at rank 10. Here, we will take you through all the Social Links characters in Persona 3, their requirements, schedule, and  other activities:

Fool Arcana: All Party Members

You don’t have to do much about this, as it will unlock on April 20. You will make Social Link with all party members. There is no activation requirement for this arcana. There is also no schedule for meetings. This arcana is connected to the story and will be maxed out at the end.

Magician Arcana: Kenji Tomachika or Junpei Lori

It unlocks with a rank one on 4/23 and has no requirements for activation. If you play as a male character, you will make social links with Kenji Tomachika and Junpei Lori if you are playing with a female character. You can meet them in class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  

Priestess Arcana: Fuuka Yamagishi

It unlocks after you have achieved level 6 in courage and Fortune Arcana Rank 1, and after Fuuka Yamagishi joins SEES, you meet her in School Hallway. You can meet Fuuka Yamagishi in the school hallway on Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

Emperor Arcana: Hiditishi Odagiri

It unlocks after you get an invitation to Persona 3 Student Council on 4/27 from Mitsuru Kirijo, and you go to the school faculty to sign up. You can have meetings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Emperess Arcana: Mitsuri Kirijo

This requires Level 6 in Academics. After meeting the requirement, meet Mitsuru Kiriijo on 9/21 at the school faculty office and ask her. You can meet her on any day of school.

Heirophant Arcana: Bunkichi and Mitsuko

It unlocks on 4/25 when the couple asks you about a tree leaf. Get the leaf from the school athletic ground and return them to their book shop in Iwatodai Strip Mall. You can meet them any day except Sunday.

Lovers Arcana: Yukrai Takeba

It requires level 6 in Char. After getting that, meet her in the Classroom on 7/24. You can meet her on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Chariot Arcana: Kazushi Miyamoto or Rio Iwasaki

Unlocks on 4/23. You will make a social link with Kazushi Miyamoto if you are playing a male character and Rio Iwasaki if you are playing a female character in Persona 3. To build a social link with them, you will have to join a sports club in the school to make a social link. You can meet Kazushi inside the class and Rio outside class 2F on school days.

Justice Arcana: Chihiro Fushimi

You have to complete the rank one event in Emperor Arcana. After 5/07, meet Chihiro Fushimi 4 times in the school hallway to establish a social link. You can meet her on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Hermit Arcana: Maya or Saori Hasewaga

If you are playing as a male character, play MMORPG on your laptop on 4/29 to link with Maya. If you are playing as a female character, join the health or library committee on 5/08 to link with Saori. You can meet Maya on Sundays and Saori on school days.

Fortune Arcana: Keisuke Hiraga or Ryoji Mochizuki

For the male character, on 6/17, you must join the art or music club to initiate a Persona 3 social link with Keisuke Hiraga. In the case of a female character, the social link with Ryoji will automatically start on 9/9. You can meet them on school days.

Strength Arcana: Yuko Nishiwaki or Koromaru

If you play as a male character, you must achieve Chariot Rank 3 and speak with Yuko on 4/28 to initiate the social link. If you play as a female character, you must achieve Priestess rank one and talk with Koromaru on 8/15 to establish a social link.

You can meet Yuko on Wednesday, and Saturday, and Koromaru outside the entrance hall every night. 

Hanged Man Arcana: Maiko

You can unlock this social link on 5/6. Visit the Shrine and speak to Maiko. When she asks for food and drink, give her Mad bull, which can be purchased from the 2nd floor of the Dormitory from a vending machine, and Weird Takayoki from Iwatadoi Strip Mall. You can meet her at the Shrine except on Sundays.

Death Arcana: Pharos

This social has no requirements, and you can meet with Pharos anytime. This social link is also connected to the main story and ranks throughout your Persona 3 journey.

Temperance Arcana: Bebe

To unlock this social link, you will need Rank 3 in Hierophant. Along with that, make sure you have Academic level 2. After that, you can Bebe on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Devil Arcana: Tanaka

You have to give Tanaka 40000$ over three days. If you are playing as a male character, then you must have a rank 4 in Hermit and Charm rank 2 if you are playing as a female character. To start the social link with him, you must give Tanaka $40,000 in three days. After that, you can begin the social link with him on June 23.

Tower Arcana: Monk

If you are playing as a male character, you will need Strength rank four and Courage Level 4 to speak with Yuko 2 times and Chariot ranks three and Courage level 4 and talk with Rio 2 times.

Once you have done that, you can head to the bar to meet the monk. You can only meet the monk on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at Paulonia Mall.

Star Arcana: Mamoru Hayase or Akihiko Sanada

On August 9, meet Mamoru Hayase at the Iwatodai Strip Mall in Persona 3. There is no requirement for a male character, although you have to be at Charm Level 4 for the female character. You can initiate social links after the second full moon and meet them any day during the daytime.

Moon Arcana: Nozomi Suemitsu or Shingiro Aragaki

If you are a male character, you must have an Odd Morsel. Also, ensure your charm is level 3 or above and your Rank in Magician Arcana is at least 4. Once you meet these requirements, you can meet Nozomi on 7/13 at the Paulownia Mal.

He will take a gourmet quiz. Then give him Odd Morsel to initiate social links. There is no requirement for a female character. Just meet Shinjiro in the Dorm Lounge. You can meet Nozomi any day and Shingiro on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Sun Arcana: Akinari Kamiki

This Social Link requires an Academic level of 4 and a Hanged man rank of 4. Meet Akinari on Sunday and give him his lost pen by acquiring it from the dorm at night by speaking to Koromaru. This will initiate the social link. You can meet him on Sundays at the Shrine.

Judgment Arcana: Nyx Annihilation Team

This social link in Persona 3 will begin on 12/31. This social link has no requirement and no schedule for the meetings.

Aeon Arcana: Aigis

You can unlock this social link on 1/8 by speaking to Aigis in the 2-F Classroom. This social link has no requirement. You can meet Aigis on any day.

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