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Romance and music make Persona 3 a great experience for most players. Persona series is, in its essence, a dating sim where you spend...

Romance and music make Persona 3 a great experience for most players. Persona series is, in its essence, a dating sim where you spend days wooing your social contacts. With time divided between school and mind-bending labyrinths, starting a Persona 3 romantic relationship with a particular set of prerequisites can become difficult.

But fret not; we are here to help you start your romantic journey at Gekkukan High School. Persona 3 is the unique game in the series as it offers two different gender protagonists. This opens up many romantic options in Persona 3 Portable compared to its successors, where you can only date female characters.

Persona 3 romance options for Male protagonist

In Persona games, you can date multiple people at once or at different times, depending on your choices and how you spend your time. We will start with Male MC’s best romance options in P3 Portable.

Yukari Takeba

Her Arcana is Lover (like Ann from Persona 5 Royal) and is the first person MC makes friends with. Yukari’s social link starts on July 24th, and maxing out her rank unlocks the romance, which grants you the ultimate lovers persona, Cybele.

Players need a charm maxed out (6) to start her social link. Yukari seems the most obvious choice for most players to pursue as a love interest.

Mitsuru Kirijo

With Empress Arcana, the requirements to start her social link are very difficult. You must have maxed academics and aced an exam to start Mitsuru’s social link, available from November 21st.

With a charming personality and leadership qualities, Mitsuru is one of the game’s best characters; the whole effort is worth it. Starting a romance with her in Persona 3 unlocks Alilat, the ultimate Empress persona.

Yoko Nishiwaka

She is an athlete with the strength Arcana. You must join a sports club and ask her to walk home together twice. This will start her social link. Maxing out her rank is the easiest and rewards you with Siegfried’s persona.

Fuuka Yamagishi

She has Priestess Arcana and needs courage stat maxed out to start her social link, which begins on June 15th. The start of this romantic relationship is hilarious as you need the courage to eat her recipes, which is terrible. Maxing out her rank rewards you with the Scathach persona.


She is a velvet room attendant, and her social link starts with accepting her requests (side quests). Each side quest rewards you with something and maxing out her social link grants access to Kartikeya’s persona.


Maxing out her social link grants access to Metatron’s persona (one of the most potent Personas you can fuse). Her romantic route starts late in the game, on January 8th. You can quickly max out her social link, but it doesn’t always end in romance. She is a vital part of the story, and being a robot doesn’t make her jealous if you pursue another romantic relationship.

Chihiro Fushimi

A student council treasurer with Justice Arcana, Chihiro is a timid character. Starting her social link requires answering three of her questions, and maxing it out rewards you with Melchizede persona.

Persona 3 Female Protagonist romance options

If you decide to pick a female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable, the romance options you have are different.

Ryuji Mochizuki

Ryuji is the most crucial character in Persona 3 and part final boss, and following her social link is both emotional and beautiful. He has Fortune Arcana, and his social link start date is November 9th.

He will ask you to make a choice on new year’s eve to trigger different endings, so there is only a tiny window to complete his romantic route. You need to spend much time with him to max out your social link and get the Norn persona as a reward.

Akihiko Sanada

Star Arcana. He needs at least four courage to start his social link. You also need to respond correctly to Akihiko’s dialogues to further the relationship with him. Unlocks Hele’s persona.

Ken Amada

He is a substitute for Chihiro in the female MC route. So he carries the same Justice Arcana. The reward for maxing out his rank is also the same, Melchizedek persona. We recommend completing his rank even if you don’t want to start a romance with him to gain insight into his background and motives in Persona 3.


He is also a velvet room attendant and substitute for Elizabeth. His route is precisely the same as her sister’s. You must complete his side quests to go on a “date” with him finally. Unlocks Kartikeya persona.


Temperance Arcana. Requires at least two academics to start. Relationship with Bebe doesn’t end in romance, as he moves out of the country. But he sends a letter to the female MC telling her his feelings. Unlocks Byakko and Yurlunger.

Following a romantic relationship in Persona games is always a heart-touching experience as new dialogues give insight into characters’ past. These are some of the best romance options available in Persona 3 Portable.

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