How To Increase Charm In Persona 3

There are three social stats in the Persona 3 and one of them is Charm. The Charm will increases the character's overall personality in...

In Persona 3 you will find three social stats. These Social Stats significantly affect various things, including access to social links. These stats need to be improved with time, as you cannot build social links with other NPCs without boosting the social stats. The Persona 3 charm stat is one of the Social Stat that affects your Persona personality.

Ways to increase charm social stat in Persona 3 Portable

You can perform a variety of activities to increase the Charm social stat, and we have stated all of them below for you:

Achieve Good Exam Points

The most straightforward method of increasing your character’s Charm in Persona 3 is scoring well in the exams. The character will automatically receive Charm rank by doing so.

  • Simply score more than average points in exams to get a +1 addition to charm.
  • Additionally, scoring considerably high points than the average can get you +2 Points.
  • Standing first in the class will give you a whole 4 points addition in Charm.

Although it can become difficult for you to achieve the highest marks, you can do it once you progress into the game.

Visit certain Places

In addition to the method above, players can increase their Charm stat by visiting the following places in Persona 3.

  • Visit the Chagall Café whenever you like; it will increase Charm by 2 points. The cost of doing so is ¥500.
  • Visit Hagakure Ramen sometime, preferably after finishing school. It will give you +3 Charm, and it will cost ¥900 in Persona 3.
  • After school, visit the Screen Shot Theater. The cost for doing so is ¥1500, which will get you 4 points in Charm rank.
  • Summer Festival can help you out in boosting the charm rank and improving your social links with other characters.

Give the correct answer to a question

You can get up to +1 rank in Charm by correctly answering one question during exams or classroom in P3 Portable.

All of the rest of the activities can be done for unlimited times, giving you the opportunity of increasing your Charm to a significant extent. The only exception is Summer Festival, which has specific dates and days.

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