Persona 3 Portable Nozomi Social Link

In Persona 3, the Moon Arcana is associated with two characters. One is Nozomi Suemistu, the Gourmet King in Persona 3.

In Persona 3, the Moon Arcana is associated with two characters who are entirely different from each other. One is Nozomi Suemistu, the Gourmet King in Persona 3. The other is the female protagonist Shinjiro Aragaki. Maxing out the bond levels with both will make you fuse the powerful persona.

Ranking up the bond with Nozomi Suemistu is much more complicated than Shinjiro Aragaki and ranks up traditionally. Thus, it will take much more time. Also, unlike all other social links, which don’t need much work to unlock, the Nozomi Social link requires you to appear in The Gourmet’s King Quiz first.

In this guide, we will discuss in detail how you can rank up the bond level with Nozomi Suemistu.

Starting this social link has specific prerequisites which you need to fulfill. First, have Rank 3 Charm; second, get the Odd Morsel and give it to Nozomi as a gift. Then he will ask you a few questions, and answering these questions correctly will start the social link.

You can find Nozomi in Persona 3 at the Paulownia Mall. You can only talk to him if you have Charm Rank 3, so first, ensure you have achieved it. After it speaks to him, distract him from the food and give him the Odd Morsel.

Odd Morsel can be found in random chests across Tartarus. You will probably already have one as you reach this stage in the game, but if not, head to Tartarus and get one. As you give this to Nozomi, he will ask you some questions. Passing this Gourmet’s King quiz will begin your social link with Nozomi in Persona 3; you can spend time with him to rank up the Moon Arcana.

How to answer Gourmet King’s quiz

Here are the questions he will ask and the best answers to those questions:

The Gourmet’s King QuestionsAnswers
What’s the most popular drink at the cafe over there?Pheremone Coffee
What color is the mascot for Wild-duck Burger?Green
What is the secret menu item at Hagakure?Hagakure Bowl

Once you have answered all these questions correctly, the social link will begin.

Once the social link has begun, you should keep up the Moon-type Persona while you are with Nozomi. This will reward you with Arcana Bonus and speed up the entire process in Persona 3. Giving the gifts liked by Nozomi will also help you in boosting the social link.

Rank 1

Nozomi: H-Hey y-y-you, call the fire truck… er, I mean the… the…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Call the police?

Rank 2

Nozomi: So, how ’bout it? Do you want to have me as a big brother?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Sure, okay32
… Not exactly

Rank 3

Nozomi: So, do you ‘get me’? Whom would you say I was…?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
You’re Nozomi.
You are the Gourmet King!32

Rank 4

Nozomi looks pale.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Did you eat too much?
Oh, are you sick?

Rank 5

Nozomi: Right?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Yeah, that’s right.32

Rank 6

Nozomi: I don’t get it. I felt fine up until just a minute ago…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Does this happen often?
Ate too much huh?
Are you feeling sick?32

Rank 7

Nozomi: I don’t get it. I felt fine up until just a minute ago…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
I’m going to freak out.
… So?
Wiped off the face of… !?32

Nozomi: I know it’s a good deal. We’re having a salvation clearance right now.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
That’s ridiculous.
I’m not paying for that.

Rank 8

Nozomi: I begged so hard for your soul that I think I even lost weight.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
You do look thinner.
Oh, brother.32

Rank 9

Nozomi: Finally, Paradise is smiling on me!

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
You’re scamming them too?
Just stop it

Rank 10

Nozomi: But I couldn’t even cry. I was relieved because I finally didn’t have to measure up. I felt free.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
That’s terrible.
It’s understandable…

Nozomi: But, if I keep going like this… I’ll never be anything like my brother, will I?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
You should be yourself.
You’re irreplaceable.

You will get the Gourmet License on reaching the maximum rank of the social link with Nozomi. With this license, you can fuse the Persona of Sandalphon. This persona has no weaknesses and can resist physical attacks, including guns. Therefore, this is an outstanding persona and can work well in defense and attack in Persona 3 Portable.