Persona 3 Tartarus Guide

Tartarus is the main dungeon in Persona 3 Portable that appears every night during the Dark Hour at Gekkoukan High...

Tartarus is the main dungeon in Persona 3 Portable that appears every night during the Dark Hour at Gekkoukan High school. Persona 3 Tartarus is the only place where you can find and defeat Shadows except for the full moon phase.

Tartarus resembles a huge tower that grows out of the ground with randomized floors except for a few main ones. We recommend doing Tartarus as soon as it becomes available every time. Try to reach the next barricade in one or two nights. It will not only give a level boost to your persona and party members, but also you will have ample time to increase your social links in your free time until the next full moon appears.

Sometimes people from Tatsumi port Island go into Tartarus unknowingly. Elizabeth will inform the party about the people and you can rescue them from particular blocks for some sweet rewards.

Persona 3 Tartarus blocks

It is divided into blocks, 6 to be precise. The blocks are further divided into floors which have sub-sections controlled by mini-bosses. There are 264 floors excluding an optional Block, Monad Depths, which has 10 additional floors.

The first floor is the main entrance while the 264th is the rooftop. Entry to every subsequent block is barricaded until you defeat Arcana Shadows (main bosses) on the full moon phase. So, Tartarus can’t be completed in one night as the Main bosses appear on specific dates throughout the year. Teleport points are available at the entrance and sub-sections.

Block 1 – Thebel (2-16)

Available from the beginning.

Block 2 – Arqa (17-64)

Available from 9th May after defeating Arcana Priestess. Second section is available from June 13th after defeating Arcana Emperor and Empress.

Block 3 – Yabbashah (65-114)

Available from July 8th after defeating Arcana Hierophant and Lovers. Next section is available from August 7th after defeating Arcana Chariot.

Block 4 – Tziah (115-164)

Available from September 6th after defeating Arcana Hermit. Defeat Arcana Strength and Fortune to acceess the second part from October 5.

Block 5 – Harabah (165-214)

Available from November 4th after defeating Arcana Hanged Man.

Block 6 – Adamah (215-263)

Available from December 31st if the player goes for True Ending. Main Boss is Nyx at the very top.

Monad Additional Block

Becomes available after reaching the top of Adamah Block and defeating Reaper (a very strong enemy that usually appears if you linger for too long in one place inside Tartarus).

Tartarus bosses

Thebel Block

Venus Eagle: Level 5. 5th Floor.

Dancing Hand: Level 7. 10th Floor

Rampage Drive: Level 8. 14th Floor.

Arqa Block

Crying Table: Level 14. 25th Floor.

Change Relic: Level 17. 36th Floor.

Golden Beetle: Level 19. 47th Floor.

Intrepid Knight: Level 26. 59th Floor.

Yabbashah Block

Furious Gigas: Level 29. 72nd Floor.

Fanatic Tower: Level 34. 85th Floor.

Magical Magus: Level 38. 98th Floor.

Natural Dancer: Level 40. 110th Floor.

Tziah Block

Arcane Turret: Level 41. 122nd Floor.

Sleeping Table: Level 50. 135th Floor.

Hell Knight: Level 48. 146th Floor.

Mythical Gigas: Level 48. 160th Floor.

Harabah Block

Judgement Sword: Level 54. 171st Floor.

Stasis Giant: Level 58. 180th Floor.

Phantom King: Level 57. 190th Floor.

Royal Dancer: Level 61 201st Floor.

Reckoning Dice: Level 62. 211th Floor.

Adamah Block

Noble Seeker: Level 63. 220th Floor.

Carnal Snake: Level 67 228th Floor.

World Balance: Level 72 236th Floor.

Fierce Cyclops: Level 71 244th Floor.

Jotun of Grief: Level 73 252nd Floor.

Jin Shirato/Moros: Level 74. 258th Floor.

Takayaka Sakai/Hypnos: Level 75. 262nd Floor.

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