Persona 3 Boss List And How To Defeat Them

Following Persona 3, you will come across many bosses, ranging from the main storyline bosses of the game to optional bosses...

Following Persona 3, you will come across many bosses, ranging from the main storyline bosses of the game to optional bosses. Keeping track of all of these Persona 3 Portable bosses in the game is a problem, so here, we have a list of all the bosses in Persona 3 that you can fight, with some basic information on how to defeat them in the game.

Persona 3 main storyline bosses

Following are all the main storyline Persona 3 Portable bosses that you face. All of these bosses appear on a specific date in the game and need to be defeated in the order they are listed to progress.


The first boss in P3P, you fight her on May 9th; the recommended level is 10. Priestess mainly uses Ice attacks, so avoid using them as Priestess can also reflect them at you. Watch out for her Panic and Charm attacks as well. Furthermore, you have a time limit for these boss fights, so you should finish it before the time limit.

Emperor and Empress

The second main storyline boss can be fought on June 8th, at level 16. Emperor and Empress is also your first duo boss fight, and both bosses cover each other’s weaknesses in Persona 3.

The Emperor is weak to only magical attacks, but he switches his magical weaknesses in the fight, so you also need to switch the magical attack type. The Empress, on the other hand, is weak only to physical attacks. You need to be adaptable in your style to defeat Emperor and Empress.


This level 24 boss can be fought on July 7th. Hierophant is highly resistant to electric attacks and uses electric attacks. Other than this, Hierophant has no other main attack types or resistances, and the fight with the boss is quite simple.


Lovers boss is a level 15 boss and can be fought on July 7th. This boss is highly resistant to all attack types, so your best bet is to focus on healing and using panic and charm accessories while grinding away at the boss’s HP. One attack that you need to avoid at all costs is the SP Drain skill attack Lovers use, leaving you helpless amid a battle.

Chariot and Justice

Chariot and Justice, the second main storyline duo boss fight, is recommended for level 31 and is available on August 6th. Both are basic bosses in Persona 3 with no specific weaknesses or resistances, so anything goes.

These bosses mainly use status ailment when attacking, so you must be ready to heal almost everything. Both these bosses can fuse, and in their fused form, the boss is invincible. You must attack them separately when they are not fused and chip away at their health bars.


Hermit is the level 39 boss and can be fought on September 5th. This boss uses poison and electric attacks. The boss only utilizes the electric drain skill during the fight. No specific resistance and any attack can be used to defeat the boss.

Fortune and Strength

This duo boss fight is a level 46 boss and can be fought on October 4th. Fortune is a powerful wind attack user and also has excellent pierce damage. On the other hand, strength uses distress, charm, and physical attacks to deal damage. You need to set up your defenses for both these attack types.

Jin Shirato and Takaya Sakaki

This boss fight is recommended at level 53 and is unlocked on November 3rd. Both bosses use a lot of elemental attacks in Persona 3. Jin Shirato uses fire and dark attacks. His dark attacks have instakill abilities.

Takaya Sakaki uses fire, ice, electric, wind, and pierce attacks, and his skill Mind Charge allows his attacks to deal double damage. Fortunately, none of his attacks insta-kill your party members.

Hanged Man

Hanged Man is a level 54 boss and is unlocked on November 3rd. This boss physical attacks are potent, and Hanged Man can destroy one of its statuses to unleash a powerful almighty attack.

Other than that, Hanged Man has no specific resistances or weaknesses, so you can freely use any attack to defeat it. Also, try destroying Hanged man’s statues to make things easier for yourself.

Chidori Yoshino

Chidori is a level 56 boss in Persona 3 and is unlocked on November 22nd. It is another versatile boss, using fire attacks, status ailments, various debuffs, and insta-kill dark attacks.

Make sure to bring ample poison-resistant charms. She is weak to elemental attacks making these the best options to attack and easily defeat Chidori.

Jin Shirato

This fight with Jin Shirato alone is a level 74 boss fight and is available on January 31st on the 258th floor of Tartarus. You have fought Jin Shirato once before, and this fight is the same but with a stronger Jin Shirato. Jin Shirato uses fire and dark attacks to insta-kill your party characters.

Tayaka Sakaki

This fight with Tayaka Sakaki alone is a level 75 boss fight and is available on January 31st on the 262nd floor of Tartarus.

Tayaka Sakaki can use almost every elemental attack in the game and now has access to dark instakill attacks. Fortunately, Tayaka Sakaki is also weak to elemental attacks, so you can freely retaliate with elemental and physical attacks to defeat Tayaka Sakaki.

Nyx Avatar

The final boss of Persona 3, Nyx, is a level 76 boss and is unlocked on January 31st on the top floor of Tartarus.

First, the Nyx Avatar boss can attack twice at each turn. At the start of the fight, Nyx Avatar will not attack you, so focus on dealing damage with only physical attacks and save your SP and items.

Nyx also has no specific resistances or weaknesses, except against Light and dark attacks, to which Nyx is immune. When fighting against Nyx, you won’t get an additional turn if you manage to land a critical attack.

Persona 3 optional bosses

Other than the main storyline bosses, there are three optional bosses for you to fight in Persona 3. These optional bosses are some of the most challenging boss fights in the game and are endgame encounters. All of these optional bosses are level 99 bosses.


Reaper is the strongest optional boss you can fight. Being a level 99 boss, the boss is resistant to almost everything in the game and has virtually no weaknesses. If you dare to fight the boss early on, you will be blasted in only a few hits.

Reaper can use multiple almighty attacks and use all elemental attacks. Furthermore, Reaper can use debuffs to reduce resistance against elemental attacks and even deplete your SP. Fighting Reaper will test all the skills you have accumulated throughout the game. Be prepared for everything.


Which of these two you might face depends on your protagonist. You fight Elizabeth if you gogo with the male protagonist and face Theodore if you choose the female protagonist. Don’t worry; both are similar and have the same attacks and abilities, so you won’t miss out on much.

The boss has no weaknesses and a ridiculously high health bar, making the boss very annoying. You must use your best attacks and skills to make a difference in the large health bar.

The boss mainly uses fire attacks in Persona 3, so be prepared and set your resistance high.


The ultimate enemy, Margaret, is immune to all elemental attacks, so you can only depend on your physical attacks and Almighty attacks. Even though she is vulnerable to physical attacks, Margaret will randomly switch her defense and start absorbing the complete damage from a specific physical attack, so you’d need to change your attack type.

Margaret also comes with one of the giant HP pools in the Persona 3 Portable, so you must bring many healing items and charms to get through the fight.

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