How To Defeat The Final Boss In Persona 3

The final boss of Persona 3, Nyx Avatar, can be a pain to deal with if you aren't well prepared. Let us help you out.

Persona series is famous for its crazy boss battles. Behemoths that are not only strange looking but some of the most difficult bosses video games have to offer. The series has some really memorable boss fights, but Nyx Avatar, the Persona 3 final boss trumps them all. And for all the wrong reasons.

Nyx Avatar is the final boss of Persona 3 Portable if you decide to continue the path of True Ending and let Ryuji live. It appears on the final floor of Tartarus tower and is hellishly difficult to take down. This is also the longest boss battle in Persona history with 14 boss phases. Depending on your party level and the personas you carry, this fight can take upward of 30 minutes to finish.

Nyx Avatar Stats and Attacks

Nyx Avatar has around 25500 HP. 1500 HP each for the first 13 phases and 6000 HP for the Death Arcana phase. Being the final boss of Persona 3 Portable, Nyx’s level is 76. Nyx throws every single attack in the game including Almighty attacks at the party relentlessly.

Nyx changes its Arcana in every phase and depending on its current Arcana, Nyx’s offense and defense change to match it. His stats remain the same for the first 13 phases.

  • Strength 50
  • Magic 50
  • Endurance 45
  • Agility 45
  • Luck 45

Nyx is impervious to light and dark magic attacks and is neutral to all elemental attacks. Your party can land critical hits for increased damage, but it can’t be downed for an All-out attack. Things turn for worse in its final phase with Moonless Gown and Night Queen attacks which can mean instant death for the party.

Nyx attacks twice at least and targets a party member’s weakness for additional moves. His stats increase by a good margin in his last phase.

  • Strength 55
  • Magic 55
  • Endurance 55
  • Agility 55
  • Luck 55

Best party members against Nyx Avatar

The best party to fight Nyx are Yukari, Akihiko, Aegis and MC. We recommend upgrading all of your party members to at least 80 and equipping Yukari and Aegis with “Lightning Gloves” to increase their electric resistance.

Use Yukari for healing, Akihiko for lowering Nyx’s defense and Aigis to cast buff charms on the party.

Best Personas for the boss fight

You can fuse a lot of powerful personas toward the endgame. We recommend Thanatos, Messiah, Norn, Surt and Metatron. Some of these Personas are very difficult to fuse and need level 90, but they can turn the tide in your favor.

How to defeat Nyx Avatar, the final boss in Persona 3 Portable

For this fight, carry the best-fused weapons you can make and equip accessories that can resist charm or use items that can de-charm your party instantly.

Phase 1 Fool Arcana

Don’t use your magic attacks or SP at all. Only use rush attacks and cast all kinds of buffs on your party and debuffs on Nyx. He will only smile during his turn in this phase. Take as much advantage of this phase as you can.

Phases 2-5 Magician/Priestess/Empress/Emperor Arcana

You have to fight those Arcanas as main bosses up to this point. These phases are no different. The only difference is the addition of dyne attacks (that can damage the whole party) in addition to Almighty attack. Change and equip your personas accordingly.

Nyx attacks with Fire in his second phase. Ice in the third, Wind in the fourth and Electricity in 5th. Don’t let any of your party members go down or Nyx will gain an additional attack. He will also target members with particular weaknesses. So be prepared with buffs, accessories and items.

Phases 6-7 Hierophant/Lovers Arcana

These phases mainly focus on Strike and Slash attacks in addition to charm and panic spells. Nyx can dish out massive damage to any downed party member or cause panic if you are not properly equipped for this fight. Avoid using Strike and Wind attacks during these phases.

Phase 8 Chariot Arcana

Nyx becomes impervious to Slash/Strike/Pierce attacks. It casts power charge to deal 2x strike damage with God Hand. Buff your defenses and heal any member during your turn to avoid getting demolished.

Phase 9 Justice Arcana

This is a light-based phase with Nyx gaining defense against Fire and Ice.

Phase 10 Hermit Arcana

This is dark magic attacks-based phase with an emphasis on defense. Nyx can deflect attacks and cast ailments after boosting them with foul breath.

Phase 11 Fortune Arcana

This phase is the most devastating of the first 13. Nyx uses all four elemental attacks and can’t be damaged with them. You have to resort to using Slash/Strike/Pierce and reinforce all of your party to avoid getting down.

Phase 12 Strength Arcana

Nyx uses Slash/Strike/Pierce so attack him with all the elemental attacks you got.

Phase 13 Hanged Man Arcana

This is Dark Magic phase in addition to defense against physical attacks. Use elemental attacks.

He will throw all kinds of dyne magics at your party during his turns and will use almighty attack whenever possible. The first 13 phases are all about endurance. Keep healing and buffing your allies while you chip away at his health.

Phase 14 Death Arcana

This phase is Nyx’s true form, and it will use every single elemental attack and magic available in the game in addition to 3 Almighty attacks. Its HP becomes 4x as compared to previous phases and will take only half the damage from all elemental and physical attacks.

The only thing useful against the final boss in this phase are Almighty attacks. It uses all dyne attacks and kunda magics in this phase (that affects the whole party).

Halfway through this phase, Nyx uses Moonless Gown that deflects all attacks including Almighty. Use this time to heal and buff your allies and prepare for the worst to come.

Around 1500 HP or less, Nyx will start spamming Night Queen which is a death sentence if not you are not prepared. It will charm the party into fighting each other and fully healing Nyx. Resistance against charm is a must.

The last phase will give you enough time to deal with some Almighty attacks in between a barrage of attacks by Nyx. Persistence and preparation is the key to this fight. You can easily take down Nyx by following the steps we mentioned above.

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