Persona 3 Best Fusion Weapons Guide

Persona 3 Portable offers a feature not available in any other persona game before or after it. Weapon fusion. As the name suggests, Persona 3 Fusion weapons are the fusion of a persona and a weapon to create special weapons. Some of these weapons are crazy powerful.

Persona 3 Portable best fusion weapons

Here is a list of some of the best fusion weapons that you can make. Be careful as crafting these legendary weapons will use some of your most powerful Personas and buying these Personas back from Elizabeth/Theo will cost you a little fortune.

You can also create these Personas by using our Persona Fusion Guide

1. Holy Grail Lucifer Sword. One-handed. Created from Lucifer. 450 ATK, 95 ACC, All Stats +10

2. Pinaka Spear. Creates from Shiva. 450 ATK, 100 ACC, All Stats +10

3. Metatronius Gun. Created from Metatron. 450 ATK, 94 ACC, All Stats +10


4. Vajra Knife. Created from Asura. 450 ATK, 100 ACC, All Stats +10

5. Original Dreadnought Bow. Created from Chi You. 450 ATK, 100 ACC, All Stats +10

6. Corpse Staff Bludgeon. Created from Beelzebub. 450 ATK, 100 ACC, All Stats +10

7. Ultimate Evil Hands Fists. Created from Mara. 450 ATK, 99 ACC, All Stats +10

8. Katana of Masakado. Dual-handed sword. Created from Masakado. 450 ATK, 100 ACC, All Stats +10

These are some of the most powerful weapons you can create in the game. And they can deal a lot of damage, even to the last boss of the game, Nyx Avatar.

What is weapon fusion?

How is the weapon fusion in Persona 3 Portable any different from normal persona fusion? First of all, it doesn’t require more than one persona to be fused. Secondly, Persona is always fused with a blank weapon known as Nihil weapons in the game. And third, this fusion is not carried out in the Velvet room instead it is done in a special antique shop called Shinshoudu Antique shop.

The owner of the shop will give you your first blank weapon and you can only create fusion weapons with her help.

Once you make your first fusion weapon, rare or golden personas in Tartarus will stop dropping gold coins. Instead, they will start dropping blank weapons. After that, you can only earn money via coin arcana shuffles, treasure chests in Tartarus and completing side missions for Elizabeth/Theo.

Fusion weapons can be re-fused with different personas. There are three types of fused weapons in the game. Normal fused weapons, fool fused weapons and ultimate fused weapons. What kind of fused weapon you will get depends on the persona you are using.

Types of Fusion weapons in Persona 3

Most personas create normal fused weapons. There are three types of normal fused weapons. Type A, which can be created if the persona’s highest stat is strength. They are average weapons with average attack and accuracy.

If Persona’s highest stat is magic, you will get a Type B weapon with more attack power and lower accuracy.

Type C weapons depend on luck and have higher accuracy as compared to low attack.

Fool weapons

Fool weapons can be created using fool personas. These weapons have 1 attack power and 99 accuracy. Don’t be alarmed, as they are not a waste of time and resources. Fool-fused weapons have special abilities related to their original personas.

The fool weapon created by Ose will grant the owner +10 attack power. The fool weapon fused with Loki will have a medium chance of inflicting all ailments with every attack. The Susano-o fool weapon will increase every stat by 3.

Special fused weapons

Special fused weapons can only be created by using special personas. A very important point to keep in mind is that no matter what kind of blank weapon you use, the outcome will always be the same.

If you fuse a blank longsword or spear or bow with Sutr, the result will always be Laevateinn, which is a two-handed sword. These ultimate weapons are way more powerful than any other weapon in the game, including the weapons obtained from Monad block.