Persona 3 Fusions Guide

The fusion mechanic in Persona 3 Portable allows the creation of new and powerful Personas to take on tougher bosses...

Gotta fuse them all. What is a Persona game without fusions. We will extensively cover all the Persona types and how they can be fused here. Persona 3 offers 100+ personas most of which can only be obtained via Persona 3 Fusion.

Persona 3 Portable starts with 6 (minimum) persona slots and this capacity can be increased to 12 (maximum). New slots unlock every 10 levels or so. With such a limited number of personas you can carry, one definitely wants to have the best of the best. Sadly the base personas (which can be acquired by defeating enemies in Tartarus) are very weak. So this is where the fusion mechanic of Persona 3 Portable comes in.

What is a Persona?

Persona literally translates to Mask and they are manifestations of one’s feelings and emotion. These are our companions to fight shadows in Tartarus. Each Persona belongs to a specific arcana. Unlike MC, the rest of the party has specific personas and they can’t hold anymore.

Each persona has its unique attributes and can be fused in more than one way. Personas increase in level by gaining exp from fights and their new abilities are unlocked.

What is Persona fusion?

As the name suggests, fusion means joining or merging two or more things. This is literally the case for Persona. Every single persona in Persona 3 can be fused.

The game offers a few personas that can be acquired by defeating enemies or increasing your social links. They are known as base personas and most of them are not enough to tackle mid-level or endgame dungeons even at higher levels. Skills they possess are not good enough to defeat bosses.

Fusion allows you to create new personas with better skillsets and newly fused personas inherit some skills from the base personas. Some of the most powerful personas to take down the last boss, Nyx Avatar, can only be acquired through Fusion in P3P.

How to fuse Personas in Persona 3

Persona Fusion can be done in the Velvet Room via Igor. This game mechanic unlocks pretty early in the game and is a part of the main questline. In the beginning, you can only fuse two or three personas.

As the game progresses, you will be able to fuse up to 6 personas to perform max-level fusions. Any persona you fuse will be available in Elizabeth/Theo compendium and can be purchased back for a nominal fee. So experiment a lot without worrying if you can carry the new fusion or not.

If you are still worried about losing your cash and personas to a mediocre fusion, here is a chart to help you out. Alternatively, you can use an online Persona 3 Fusion calculator for more detailed recipes.

Persona 3 Portable Fusion Chart

 Level  Name Arcana   Cost ¥                                 Recipe
1OrpheusFool25534Legion x Slime
2PixieLovers19342Narcissus x Alp
3AsparasPriestess4807Pixie x Orpheus
4AngelJustice5068Asparas x Orpheus
5NekomataMagician5275Asparas x Pixie
6AlpAra MitamaLoversChariot5383 5590Angel X Orpheus Angel x Pixie
7ForneusOmoikaneEmperorHierophant5959 5752Nekomata x Pixie Nekomata x Orpheus
8Jack FrostLilimMagicianDevil6958 7327Ara Mitama x Angel Ara Mitama x Nekomata
9ChimeraYomotsu ShikomeChariotHermit8227 6652Forneus x Alp Omoikane x Orpheus
10ArchangelInugamiHermitJustice7120 8758Forneus x Asparus Lilim x Ara Mitama
11UnicornValkyrieHanged ManPriestess6175 7390Alp x Orpheus Lilim x Pixie
12SlimeNigi MitamaFoolTemperance8358 7804Angel x Asparas x Pixie Forneus x Nekomata
13-BerithHierophant9159Forneus x Pixie x Orpheus
14-Pyro Jack -ZouchoutenMagicianChariot9982 10734Archangel x Ara Mitama Omoikane x Ara Mitama x Pixie
15-Oberon -Gurr-Emperor -Moon86829042Ara Mitama x Pixie x Orpheus Nekomata x Angel x Pixie
16-Principality -Rakasha-Justice -Strength11787 13695Forneus x Omoikane x Angel Yomotsu Shikome x Omoikane x Ara Mitama
17-Naga -Fortuna-Hermit -Fortune10995 9982Omoikane x Alp x Asparas Inugami x Ara Mitama
18-Ghoul-Death10266Lilim x Angel x Orpheus
19-Ares-Chariot18375Valkyrie x Archangel x Yomotsu Shikome
20-Hua Po -Narcissus-Magician -Lovers18375 8875Unicorn x Inugami x Chimera Archangel x Asparas
21-High Pixie -Take-Minakata-Priestess -Hanged Man14082 12111Inugami x Yomotsu Shikome x Pixie Yomotsu Shikome x alp x Asparas
22-Legion -Mithra-Fool -Temperance15027 14865Unicorn x Forneus x Ara Mitama Inuggami x Jack Frost x Alp
23-Empusa -Titan-Fortune -Strength24400 22204Ares x Gurr Naga x Oberon
24-Take-Mikazuchi -Pale Rider -Vetala-Emperor -Death -Devil20440 27190 9303Fortuna x Berith Mithra x Pyro Jack Nekomata x Angel x Asparas
25-Power -Lamia-Justice -Hermit22636 24400Ares x Berith Ares x Oberon
26-Shiisa -Yamatano-Orochi-Hierophant -Moon16620 20454Unicorn x Chimera x Omoikane Nigi Mitama x Unicorn x Inugami
27-Sarasvati -Queen Mab-Priestess -Lovers33454 32167Legion x Narcissus Higgh Pixie x Hua Po
28-Sati -Orthrus-Magician -Hanged Man28122 34750Hua Po x Pyro Jack x Nekomata Yamatano-Orochi x Rakasha
29-Kusi Mitama -Jikokuten -Genbu-Fortune -Strength -Temperance38872 38710 36190Lamia x Take-Minakata Pale Rider x Legion Take-Mikazuchi x Hua Po
30-King Frost -Oumitsunu -Yatagarasu-Emperor -Chariot -Sun41500 27366 9627Lamia x Empusa Ares x Zouchouten x Ara Mitama Ara Mitama x Nekomata x Orpheus
31-Loa -Eligor-Death -Tower42796 9690Genbu x Ares Lilim x Pixie X Orpheus
32-Virtue -Mothman-Justice -Hermit36330 44560Power x Principality x Angel Sarasvati x Titan
33-Leanan Sidhe -Flauros-Empress -Hierophant10315 49015Nigi Mitama x Asparas Sati x Power
34-Black Frost -Orobas -Incubus-Fool -Magician -Devil69545 40929 42310King Frost x Queen Mab x Pyro Jack x Jack Frost Sati x Pyro Jack x Jack Frost Orthrus x Hua Po
35-Ganga-Priestess44700Sarasvati x High Pixie x Asparas
36-Raja Naga -Seiryuu-Emperor -Temperance55302 57070King Frost x Take-Mikazuchi x Forneus King Frost x Sati
37-Nata Taishi -Hanuman -Samael-Chariot -Strength -Death43305 54636 66151Oumitsunu x Zouchuten x Ara Mitama Jikokuten X Titan x Valkyrie Orobas x Genbu
38-Taraka -Clotho -Vasuki-Hermit -Fortune -Hanged Man61467 57070 56971Mothman x Lamia Yomotsu Shikome Oumitsunu x Orthrus Black Frost x Titan
39-Saki Mitama -Nandi-Lovers -Star43206 10473Queen Mab x Narcissus x Pixie Lilim x Angel x Pixie
40-Rangda -Cu Chulainn-Magician -Tower67938 76180Orobas x  Sati x Nekomata King Frost x Queen Mab x Pale Rider
41-Thoth-Hierophant63735Faluros x Shiisa x Omoikane
42-Dominion -Girimehkala-Justice -Moon59082 127145Virtue x Power x Angel Rangda x Taraka x Vetala x Gurr
43-Koumokuten -Succubus -Quetzalcoatl-Chariot -Devil -Sun77874 75502 71403Nata taishi x Oumitsunu  x Ara Mitama Raja Naga x Virtue Kusi Mitama x Lamia x Take-Mikazuchi
44-Ose -Kurama Tengu -Okuninushi-Fool -Hermit -Temperance39867 85218 83836Narcissus x Ares x Gurr Taraka x Mothman x Yomotsu Shikome Nandi x Leanan Sindhe
45-Lachesis -Mot-Fortune -Death86523 88935Clotho x Kusi Mitama x  Fortuna Samael x Loa x Ghoul
46-Kingu -Narasimha-Emperor -Strength76254 74175Raja Naga x King Frost x Forneus Hanuman x Titan x Rakasha
47-Parvati -Hokuyo Seikun-Priestess -Hierophant67632 92760Ganga x Sarasvati x Asparas Thoth x Fauros x Omoikane
48-Titania -Ubelluris -Dionysus-Lovers -Hanged Man -Moon75867 89466 47566Saki Mitama x Queen Mab x Pixie Vasuki x Orthrus x Take-Minakata Orthrus x Vetala
49-Kaiwan-Star97120Quetzalcoatl x Ganga
50-Decarabia -Yaksini -Nebiros-Fool -Empress -Hermit85497 71902 111354Ose x Legion X Slime Raja Naga x Yatagarasu Kurama Tengu x Taraka x Yomotsu Shikome
51-Throne -Suzaku-Justice -Temperance91977 109185Dominion x Virtue x Angel Okuninushi x Seiryuu x Nigi Mitama
52-Surt -Barong -Pazuzu-Magician -Emperor -Devil91482 111102 115462Rangda x Orobas x Nekomata Kingu x Raja Naga x Forneus Narasimha x Cu Chulainn
53-Kikuri-Hime -Daisoujou -Thor-Priestess -Hierophant -Chariot109644 106045 105135Parvati x Sarasvati x Higgh Pixie Saki Mitama x Kusi Mitama x Nigi Mitama x Ara Mitama Koumokouten x Nata Taishi x Ara Mitama
54-Atropos -Hecatoncheires-Fortune -Hanged Man120507 122433Lachesis x Clotho x Fortuna Ubelluris x Vasuki x Inugami
55-Kali -Jatayu-Strength -Sun115647 144438Narasimha x Hanuman x Valkyrie Cu Chulainn x Saki Mitama x Taraka
56-Kumbhandha -Alice-Hermit -Death141378 66629Nebiros x Kurama Tengu x Yomotsu Shikome Nata taishi x Narcissus x Lilim x Pixie
57-Lakshmi -Odin -Byakko-Empress -Emperor -Temperance154540 151134 146310Odin x Quetzalcoatl Barong x Kingu x Forneus Suzaku x Okuninushi x Nigi Mitama
58-Loki -Ganesha -Chernobog-Fool -Star -Moon138210 148942 135582Decarabia x Ose x Orpheus Alice x Girimehkala Dionysus x Girimehkala x Gurr
59-Melchizedek -Siegfried -Anubis-Justice -Strength -Judgment136950 162627 17439Throne x Dominion x Angel Kali x Narasimha x Valkyrie Gurr x Ara Mitama x Nekomata
60-Arahabaki -Hell Biker -Bishamonten-Hermit -Hanged Man -Tower165683 175852 125241Kikuri-Hime x Okuninushi x Take-Minakata x Omoikane Odin x Suzaku Taraka x Seiryuu x Orobas
61-Raphael -Lilith-Lovers -Devil121038 120737Titania x Saki Mitama x Pixie Succubus x Incubus x Vetala x Lilim
62-Hariti -Norn-Empress -Fortune197335 196098Chernobog x Byakko Atropos x Lachesis x Clotho
63-Horus -Uriel-Sun -Aeon236778 17502Daisoujou X Barong x Titania Gurr x Lilim x Pixie
64-Scathach -Thanatos -Yurlungur-Priestess -Death -Temperance155148 266025 183399Kikuri-Hime x Parvati x Asparas Alice x Mot x Samael x Loa x Pale Rider x Ghoul Byakkox Suzaku x Nigi Mitama
65-Garuda -Trumpeter-Star -Judgment201916 254755Horus x Kikuri-Hime Michael x Anubis
66-Kohryu -Seth-Hierophant -Moon246035 180798Byakko x Suzaku x Seiryuu x Genbu Chernobog x Dinoysus X Gurr
67-Attis -Seiten Taisei-Hanged Man -Tower165976 281841Ubelluris x Vasuki x Orthrus x Take-Minakata x Inugami Chernobog x Kumbhanda x Atropos
68-Cybele -Abaddon-Lovers -Devil183210 164278Raphael x Titania x Pixie Alice x Titania
69-Gabriel -Nidhoggr-Empress -Aeon230140 235360Nidhoggr x Jatayu Seitan Taisei x Anubis
70-Kartikeya -Suparna-Star -Sun248878 293491Seth x Scathach Vishnu x Horus
71-Baal Zebul-Moon238470Seth x Chernobog x Gurr
72-Michael-Judgment305020Satan x Trumpeter
73-Masakado-Tower202106Bishamonten x Koumokuten x Jikokuten x Zouchouten
74-Mother Harlot -Sandalphon-Empress -Moon278992 360799Baal Zebul x Attis Garuda x Horus x Suzaku x Yatagarasu x Gurr
75-Ananta-Aeon279640Masakado x Trumpeter
76-Susano-o-Fool294123Loki x Decarabia x Ose x Black Frost x Legion x Orpheus
77-Mara-Tower407509Attis x Kumbhanda x Pazuzu x Mot x Incubus
78-Saturnus -Vishnu-Star -Sun287884 290742Ananta x Trumpeter Suparna x Horus x Yatagarsu
79-Satan-Judgment406743Nidhoggr x Abaddon x Attis
80-Skadi -Atavaka-Empress -Aeon325180 335836Asura x Uriel Satan x Masakado
81-Beelzebub-Devil569901Baal Zebul x Abaddon x Lilith x Pazuzu x Incubus
82-Shiva-Tower132094Barong x Rangda
84-Alilat-Empress371404Asura x Ananta
85-Asura-Sun615225Vishnu x Suparna x Jatayu x Quetzalcoatl x Yataggarasu
86-Chi You-Tower351798Scathach x Uriel x Norn
87-Metatron-Aeon518123Michael x Gabriel x Uriel x Raphael
88-Helel-Star356851Satan x Vishnu
89-Lucifer-Judgment771766Helel x Beelzebub x Satan Abaddon x Samael
90-Orpheus Telos -Messiah-Fool -Judgment1213392 123103Messiah x Helel x Metatron x Chi you x Asura x Thanatos Thanatos x Orpheus
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