How To Open Jewelry Workshop Door In Dirty Ice In Payday 3 

There's a pesky little door you need to open in the Dirty Ice mission in Payday 3 that leads to the jewelry workshop. The process is simple but you may not know it.

Dirty Ice Mission is among the first heists in Payday 3, where you loot Aston Fine Jewelry. Since you will rob an international gem cartel shop, you must ensure the jewelry is worth selling. You need a machine that will verify the authenticity of the jewelry. There is a machine in the jewelry workshop, and to get to it, you need to open a door in Payday 3.

The process of doing so will not be apparent at first. You may even miss it a few times, but opening the jewelry workshop door is rather simple. Our guide here will tell you more.

How to enter the Jewelry workshop on Payday 3? 

As mentioned, you will visit the Jewelry workshop while attempting Dirty Ice Mission on Payday 3. You can gain access to this workshop using the VIP showroom. But you cannot enter because it needs a retinal scan of the manager.  

Once you have the manager with you, you can use her to open the door of the jewelry workshop. You will find the machine and bags of authentic jewelry as you enter.

If you are going all out, you can grab the manager by pressing the human shield button (F for PC) and throw her at the scanner by pressing the shove option (Q for PC). Once the door opens, tie her hands by pressing the F button on the PC. You will need her further in the mission.  

If you are doing this mission using stealth, first go to the basement and open the safe behind the locked door. You can do this by using the QR code. Once the safe is unlocked, turn off the power to avoid getting caught.  


Now, Shade will ask you to photograph the documents inside, which you can do using the photograph button prompting on your screen. Once you have the evidence photographed, call the manager to blackmail her from the manager’s office. Since you have the evidence photographed, the manager will enter the office.  

Once she enters the office, grab her and throw her at the scanner to open the jewelry workshop. Make sure to tie her up afterward, or she will blow your cover. 

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