Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Best Armors Guide

Armors in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous are an essential part of your journey as they provide you defenses and modifiers against enemies. Armors can be obtained from various locations, merchants, quests, and enemies. In this guide, we will cover the best Armors in Pathfinder WotR.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Best Armors

Armors in Pathfinder features pieces, defenses, and bonuses to your character and companions. Armors in Pathfinder feature pieces, defenses, and bonuses to your character and companions.

Armor is the simplest way in which one can protect themselves in the brutal world of Pathfinder. Many characters can wear only simple armors, while some can use shields as well.

To wear heavier armor, you can select Armor proficiency feats for your character. Most classes are automatically compatible and proficient with the armors that are the best fit for them.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind about the armors in Pathfinder: WotR.

Armor Bonus

Each armor type in Pathfinder will give you an armor bonus to Armor Class. Unfortunately, the armor bonus does not come along with other items or effects that grant you an armor bonus.


Maximum Dex Bonus

This value is the maximum amount of Dexterity bonus to Armor Class that a specific type of armor allows. Heavier armors can make your movement difficult, which puts your dodging abilities at risk. This condition has no impact on your Dexterity-related abilities.

Even if your Dex bonus to Armor Class drops to 0 because of armor, it doesn’t mean that they have lost their Dex bonus to Armor Class. Moreover, encumbrance might also impact the Dex bonus for the character’s specific Armor Class.

Armor Check Penalty

Armors heavier than leather and shield can hinder and hurt a character’s usage of Dex and Str-based skills. The armor check penalty applies to all of the Dexterity and Strength-based skill checks.

A character’s encumbrance will also invoke an armor check penalty. Additionally, if a character uses an armor or shield which he is not proficient with, he also takes the armor’s penalty on attacks rolls and Dexterity and Strength-based skills.

This penalty also stacks up with the penalty for shields.

Arcane Spell Failure Chance

Armor will interfere with the gestures and actions that a caster must make to cast an arcane spell. Therefore, arcane spellcasters will face a hindrance, and their spells might fail if armor is being used.

Bards can wear armor without any danger of arcane spell failure. However, if a character attempts to spell while wearing armor, he must first consult the Arcane Spell Failure Chance column on the table. This column will show you a percentage that the spell will fail or not.

With all of this said, let’s jump onto the best armors in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

Best Chest Armors

Mantle of Night

This Light Armor with a Unique Rarity and Stealth as the passive ability to focus is hands-down the best in the game. Additionally, this armor will help you stay hidden even if it is defective.

This is a +3 leather armor that will blur the wearer whenever they try to hide. It will also dampen the sound around her while also giving a +10 bonus on Stealth skill checks. If the wearer is no longer hidden blur effect will stay around till 1d4 rounds.

Sanguineous Sundown

This Medium Armor will give you a passive ability to focus on mass crowd control and damage.

This armor offers you insurance on critical hits. A successful saving throw will defy blindness and also reduce the amount of damage.

Chainmail of Spiteful Barbs

This Medium Armor can be found in the Blackwing Library. This +5 armor provides a +5 competence bonus on Persuasions skill checks.

In addition, whenever you suffer ten or more HP damage from a single ranged attack, you’ll also obtain a +1 morale bonus to AC for an additional round.

Moreover, your next melee attack will inflict 2d6 piercing damage on a successful hit.

Seal of Jubilex

This is a Medium +5 breastplate made out of crystal. A druid can wear it, and it grants them a DR/- along with a moderate fortification.

The only disadvantage is that it can make the wearer a bit vulnerable to sonic damage.

Scale Barding of Medium Fortification +5

This is a Medium Barding armor with a scale barding that grants the wearer with medium fortification. Fortification will give you a chance to negate precision damage.

Best Shirts

Robe of Mephistopheles

This robe makes all enemies in 30 feet radius suffer a -4 penalty on saving throws against fear, compulsion, and charm effects. The wearer can also make all enemies in a 30 feet radius pass a Will saving throw and failing will cause them to lose their minds.

True Serenity

Wearer gets spell resistance (34) against the enemies of chaotic alignment.

Call of the Fiery Things

Call of the Fiery Things makes every fire spell cast by the wearer deal 4d6 additional damage.

Dark Retriever’s Shirt

The Dark Retriever’s Shirt is an intermediate step of the relic creation in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous.

Best Boots

Boots of Elvenkind

These boots provide the wearer with a +5 Mobility buff and can be obtained as a reward for completing quests or purchased from a merchant.

Bonethreader Boots

The Bonethreader Boots grant DR5 or Bludgeoning to the wearer.

Boots of the Light Step

These boots provide the wearer with a constant Feather Step spell effect.

Expedition Boots

The Expedition Boots provide the wearer with a +10 competence bonus on Athletic Skills and a +5 competence bonus on Mobility Skills.

Boots of Perfect Grounding

These boots grant immunity from all kinds of electric attacks as well as increase the saving throw for spells with Acid descriptor by 2.

Best Belts

Cord of Stubborn Fury

The Cord of Stubborn Fury belt provides the wearer with a +2 enhancement bonus on Constitution.

Korgath’s Shackled Fury

This belt provides a -3 Penalty to Persuasion skill when used for diplomacy, +6 enhancement for Strength, and a +5 competence bonus to Persuasion. This ring can only be equipped by lawful characters.


You will gain a +1 luck bonus on attack rolls and saving throws.

Belt of Athach

You will gain loads of physical buffs from this belt as it provides the wearer with +4 Dexterity, Strength, and Constitution. You will also gain the ability to increase your size for 13 rounds once every day.

Clutch of Corruption

The Clutch of Corruption Ring grants +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and +8 enhancement bonus to Constitution.

When using this belt, if the player lands a critical strike on the enemy, they have to pass a Will saving throw ( DC 28) or become vulnerable against negative energy and unholy damage for 2 rounds.

Best Gloves

Butterfly Wings

Gain +5 Resistance bonus on all saving throws and the ability to cast Prismatic Spray Spell thrice a day.

Big Game Gloves

The Big Game Gloves let you inflict a -2 penalty to enemy AC for the next 3 rounds every time the wearer announces Quarry.

Oppressor’s Gloves

These gloves grant you +2 Persuasion on skill checks and whenever you confirm a critical hit, a -2 penalty will be applied on the enemy’s saving throws for the next 2 rounds.

Fencer’s Gift

The Fencer’s Gift gloves grant a +3 weapon damage bonus when the wearer is dual-wielding or using a two-handed weapon.

Gloves of Arcane Eradication

Grants users with a +4 bonus to ranged attack rolls and a +5 Competence bonus on using any Magic Device skill checks.

Best Bracers

Chaos Scourage

These bracers allow the wearer to gain +8 Armor and confirm a critical hit against chaotic enemies. These enemies are also struck with a -2 penalty to AC and all saving throws for the next 3 rounds.

Legendary Bracers

The wearer gets a +5 Deflection bonus to AC and a +5 Natural armor enhancement bonus to AC. The Legendary Bracers also provide a +6 enhancement bonus to all ability scores.

Storm Lord’s Resolve

These bracers allow the wearer to simultaneously cast the magic spells:

  • Lightning Storm
  • Chain Lightning
  • Storm Bolts

These bracers turn all of the wearer’s energy into electric energy which makes them even more deadly for the right character.

Engraved Lucky Bracers

Wearer gets +1 Luck bonus to Ac, Reflex, Fortitude Saving throws and will be wearing these bracers.

Best Shoulders

Perilous Shade

The wearer is affected by Greater Invisibility Spell every time they land a killing blow. The Perilous Shade also grants a +10 competence bonus on Stealth skill checks.

Scarlet Allure

Enemies attacking the wearer will become devastated if they miss their Will saving throw. Also grants +5 morale bonus on Persuasion.

Misty Cover

Gain +2 insight against flying and summoned creatures by wearing the Misty Cover shoulder.

Toxic Wrap

You can gain immunity from acid by wearing the Toxic Wrap as well as make your enemies sick with 1D3 rounds every time you land a sneak attack.

Best Shields

Heart of Thunder

The Heart of Thunder is a light shield that grants immunity from being paralyzed as well as the ability to cast shouts and greater spells thrice a day.


This shield provides the user with immunity from critical hits.

Colossal Shade

The Colossal Shade is a Tower Shield that provides its bearer with a +3 bonus on saving throws.

Ironclad Will

This heavy steel shield grants the user with +4 morale boost on Will saving throws.

Best Helms

Crown of Fear

Grants the wearer with a +4 competence bonus on Persuasion checks which are made to intimidate. The Crown of Fear also provides a +2 bonus on all spells with fear descriptors.

Eyes of the Eagle

Grants the user with a +5 competence bonus on Perception Checks.

Stag Helmet

This helmet grants a +1 insight bonus against flat-footed and flanked targets.

Mask of Nothing

Mask of Nothing Grants its wearer a +20 insight bonus on all saving throws and a 50% miss chance in total concealment.

Best Glasses

Rascal’s Goggles

The Rascal’s Goggles grant +10 competence bonus on Trickery and Perception skill checks.

Goggles of Piercing Gaze

The wearer gains a +1 insight bonus on attack and damage rolls against outsiders. You will also gain +10 Persuasion skill checks.

Eyes Sealed in Crystal

These glasses provide a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against gaze attacks.

Goggles of Mind Control

Wearers will gain +2 inherent, and increase the save DC by 2 for all mind-affecting spells they cast.

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