Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Best Armors Guide

Armors in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous are an essential part of your journey as they provide you defenses and modifiers against enemies. Armors can be obtained from various locations, merchants, quests, and enemies. In this guide, we will cover the best Armors in Pathfinder WotR.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Best Armors

Armors in Pathfinder features pieces, defenses, and bonuses to your character and companions. Armors in Pathfinder feature pieces, defenses, and bonuses to your character and companions.

Armor is the simplest way in which one can protect themselves in the brutal world of Pathfinder. Many characters can wear only simple armors, while some can use shields as well.

To wear heavier armor, you can select Armor proficiency feats for your character. Most classes are automatically compatible and proficient with the armors that are the best fit for them.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind about the armors in Pathfinder: WotR.

Armor Bonus

Each armor type in Pathfinder will give you an armor bonus to Armor Class. Unfortunately, the armor bonus does not come along with other items or effects that grant you an armor bonus.

Maximum Dex Bonus

This value is the maximum amount of Dexterity bonus to Armor Class that a specific type of armor allows. Heavier armors can make your movement difficult, which puts your dodging abilities at risk. This condition has no impact on your Dexterity-related abilities.

Even if your Dex bonus to Armor Class drops to 0 because of armor, it doesn’t mean that they have lost their Dex bonus to Armor Class. Moreover, encumbrance might also impact the Dex bonus for the character’s specific Armor Class.

Armor Check Penalty

Armors heavier than leather and shield can hinder and hurt a character’s usage of Dex and Str-based skills. The armor check penalty applies to all of the Dexterity and Strength-based skill checks.

A character’s encumbrance will also invoke an armor check penalty. Additionally, if a character uses an armor or shield which he is not proficient with, he also takes the armor’s penalty on attacks rolls and Dexterity and Strength-based skills.

This penalty also stacks up with the penalty for shields.

Arcane Spell Failure Chance

Armor will interfere with the gestures and actions that a caster must make to cast an arcane spell. Therefore, arcane spellcasters will face a hindrance, and their spells might fail if armor is being used.

Bards can wear armor without any danger of arcane spell failure. However, if a character attempts to spell while wearing armor, he must first consult the Arcane Spell Failure Chance column on the table. This column will show you a percentage that the spell will fail or not.

With all of this said, let’s jump onto the best armors in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

Must-have Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Armor

Mantle of Night

This Light Armor with a Unique Rarity and Stealth as the passive ability to focus is hands-down the best armor in the game. Additionally, this armor will help you stay hidden even if it is defective.

This is a +3 leather armor that will blur the wearer whenever they try to hide. It will also dampen the sound around her while also giving a +10 bonus on Stealth skill checks. If the wearer is no longer hidden blur effect will stay around till 1d4 rounds.

Chainmail of Spiteful Barbs

This Medium Armor can be found in the Blackwing Library. This +5 armor provides a +5 competence bonus on Persuasions skill checks.

In addition, whenever you suffer ten or more HP damage from a single ranged attack, you’ll also obtain a +1 morale bonus to AC for an additional round.

Moreover, your next melee attack will inflict 2d6 piercing damage on a successful hit.

Sanguineous Sundown

This Medium Armor will give you a passive ability to focus on mass crowd control and damage.

This armor offers you insurance on critical hits. A successful saving throw will defy blindness and also reduce the amount of damage.

Seal of Jubilex

This is a Medium +5 breastplate made out of crystal. A druid can wear it, and it grants them a DR/- along with a moderate fortification.

The only disadvantage is that it can make the wearer a bit vulnerable to sonic damage.

Scale Barding of Medium Fortification +5

This is a Medium Barding armor with a scale barding that grants the wearer with medium fortification. Fortification will give you a chance to negate precision damage.

Triumphant Noontide

This Medium Armor is unique, and its main abilities are centered around shielding, damaging, and summoning.

This will also allow you thrice to raise a deceased ally for 2d3 rounds. It is to be kept in mind that the ally will die after this once again.

White Dragon

This is another Unique and Medium armor, with a +4 white Dragonhide breastplate that offers you a cold aura and resistance of 30.

Druids can also wear this plate. Moreover, the Cold Aura makes all the creatures within 5 feet of this creature take 2d6 points of cold damage.

Plague of Madness

This heavy-barding unique armor is focused on automated healing abilities. This armor is a good remedy for some low HP characters for its healing abilities.

Whoever wears this armor gets instantly healed whenever they’re hit. The healing amount is minor, but it adds up and is reliable in preventing a character from dying on the frontline.

Royal Guard’s Barding

This +5 full barding armor grants your character 10d6 additional bludgeoning damage on recharge. It will also give you immunization to staggered conditions.

Indomitable Life

This one is a heavy and unique banded armor that will give you ferocity as per the monster rule.

Even the most ferocious creatures will die with this armor when their hit point total reaches a negative amount equal to the constitution score.


This is a heavy and unique armor located in the Citadel Drezen. Whenever an enemy lands a hit on you with this Mithral full plate mail, the attacker will have to launch a Reflex saving throw of DC 18, or it will suffer damage of 1d3.

If the attacker passes the saving throw, they will suffer a 1d3 piercing damage instead.

Exalted Leader’s Chainshirt

This is a Light armor that provides its wearer a heavy fortification and immunization against bleed effects. Moreover, it consists of a +5 Mithral Chainshirt.


This is a heavy type of unique armor with strength and movement buff as the main ability.

The +5 Mithral full plate will grant you an enhancement bonus of +8 to your strength and increase the movement speed by 20.

Great Bear Breastplate

This is a medium armor that provides you with a +5 breastplate. This armor offers you cold resistance of 30 along with fortification and spell resistance of 19.

Frozen Scales

The Frozen Scales are Medium Barding armors that have +3 Scalemail barding, which grants the wearer with fire resistance of 10.

Another advantage of this armor is that it provides partial concealment against ranged attacks.

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