How To Craft Nails In Palworld

Craft nails and use them to produce many important items and technologies.

Palworld offers you a variety of resources and materials to expand your base and build advanced structures. Nails are one of these resources that can be used to craft important items and technologies like High-Quality Workbench, Weapons, Assembly Lines, etc.

Unfortunately, nails aren’t available as loot drops, and you must progress to level 10. After reaching this level, you will further have to obtain some pre-requisite items before you can start making these in the game. The guide below covers the comprehensive way to craft nails in Palworld.

How to craft Nails in Palworld

Most of the items and materials in Palworld are obtained as drops or rewards for completing various in-game tasks or by defeating Tower and Alpha bosses. Nails, however, are unique in that they need to be crafted by the player by following certain steps.

To get started, you need to reach level 10 in the Technology Tree, and then invest one Technology point to unlock the nail recipe. Once it’s done, the next steps are as follows:

1. Build the Primitive Furnace

The Primitive Furnace is also something you unlock at level 10 of the Technology Tree. After unlocking it by spending 3 points, you should build the furnace at your base close to the workbench with the help of Wood x20, Stone x50, and Flame Organs x3.

The only item that can be difficult to find for building the Primitive Furnace is Flame Organs. You can get this item from Foxparks as a drop. Head to the location below or any other where you can find Foxparks and capture them.

Once you have the Flame Organ, you can use it to build the Primitive Furnace and then move to the second step in crafting nails.

2. Mine Ore

To mine Ore in Palworld, you can visit different areas and dungeons. If you are having trouble, head to the dungeon location marked on the map below.

It is right next to the beach and pretty easy to find. Enter it and move forward, and you will see black rocks. Hit these rocks with your Pickaxe, and you will notice you are collecting the Ore. You can also automate this process if you have Pals with mining skills, such as Cattiva, Blazamut, and Anubis.

3. Use Primitive Furnace to get Ingots

After collecting the Ore, you only need to insert it into the furnace you built earlier. Use Foxparks or any other Kindling Pal to smelt the Ores into Ingots. With Ingots ready, you can move to the last step to get nails in Palworld.

4. Craft Nails on any Workbench

A High-Quality workbench can speed up the process, but you can go with any workbench for crafting nails in the game. After selecting the workbench, select the quantity of Ingots you want to spend. One Ingot will craft two nails so you can choose as per your needs. 

If you want to speed up this whole process, you can take the help of your Pals and make an Ore farm where the process will be automated, and all you will have to do is make nails whenever you need them.

How to use Nails in Palworld

The best and optimal way to use nails is to trade them for gold. For this, you should head to a Wandering Merchant and sell nails for a price of 160 per unit in Palworld.

If we do the math, one Ingot can get you 320 Gold Coins, considering that you obtain two nails per Ingot. Undoubtedly, this method is the most favorable for players wanting to farm thousands of gold quite early in their gameplay.

Nails are also an essential component for making a ton of items, including (but not limited to) Weapon Assembly Line, Refined Metal Chest, High-Quality Workbench, and Fine Bed.

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