How To Get Lily’s Spear In Palworld

Get a weapon and a pickaxe 2 in 1 with this amazing spear.

As you level up in Palworld, you will be in constant need of a better weapon to get around the challenges of Palpagos Island. There are a lot of great weapons you can acquire especially in the late-game, and Lily’s Spear is one of them.

Most players prefer this spear over other items because it not only serves as a weapon but also as a potent mining and logging tool – and it’s great in both qualities. Therefore, the spear completely negates the need to carry a pickaxe when you head out mining, allowing you to have more inventory for ores.

Since this is such a great item, it is only found in the late-game at level 40, but the process of getting it isn’t very easy though. Read on if you want to learn how to get Lily’s Spear in Palworld.

How to get Lily’s Spear in Palworld

To get your hands on Lily’s Spear in Palworld, you first have to reach level 40. Upon reaching this level, you will unlock the Schematic for this weapon in the Technology Tab.

The weapon schematic requires 3x Ancient Technology Points to unlock, but it is added permanently to your stock if purchased. After you have bought the schematics for this spear, you must find the appropriate crafting materials required to build it. You need:


Ancient Technology Points can be acquired by defeating Alpha Pals, and Dungeon Bosses, and clearing out Syndicate Towers.

Given that you’re already on level 40 when buying these schematics, you won’t find it hard to get your hands on most of the crafting materials required for Lily’s Spear in Palworld.

While Wood and Refined Ingots are pretty common in the late game, The High-Quality Cloth is a special material that you unlock at level 36. It must crafted or manufactured itself via Wool, which means that you have to get that item first.

Wool can be obtained by using the Ranch posts to sheer certain sheep-like Pals like Sweepa, Melpaca, Lamball, Sibelyx, etc. You then have to take this Wool to the High-Quality Workbench and craft it into a High-Quality Cloth – each of which requires 10 Wool to craft.


To get 20x High-Quality Cloth, you will have to refine 200 pieces of Wool.

When you have gathered all the items required to craft a Lily’s Spear, you need to place them in the Weapon Assembly Line or the Weapon Assembly Line 2. After that, simply click the craft button to acquire the legendary weapon.


The Weapon Assembly Line 2 unlocks at level 47 and requires 10x Circuit Boards, 30x Nails, and 100x Refined Ingots.

How to use Lily’s Spear

Lily’s Spear is a special Technology item that can not only be used as a weapon but also as a potent mining tool. Although the game gives no stats when it comes to using the spear as a Pickaxe, its stats as a weapon are as follows:

  • Weight: 10
  • Durability: 500
  • Damage: 450

As you can tell simply by looking at the stats, Lily’s Spear is a great weapon to use. It’s lightweight so it has quick attacks and combos, but it also dashes out a ton of damage. Such a great combination of stats is given by few weapons in the game, which is why it is considered one of the best melee weapons in Palworld.

The reason why most players prefer this weapon a lot is because along with the amazing stats, the spear also negates the need for a pickaxe. This allows them to get rid of the extra weight because of it.

A special thing about this spear is that although its weapon description says “Punishes those who neglect their Pals”, it’s not yet proven. Some say that hitting your own Pals would cause the spear to lose its damage and durability, while others say that the spear shocks if you neglect your Pals at the base for too long.

These are just theories about the weapon, but no one knows what the weapon description means yet. The cases above may be true, but the spear could be bugged as well.

Lily’s Spear vs the Sword

Both the Sword and Lily’s Spear are highly deadly weapons in Palworld. The former offers the highest damage (525), closely leaving the latter behind (450). The other major stats remain almost the same for these weapons.

Lily’s Spear takes the lead when it comes to being a versatile weapon. Aside from serving battle purposes efficiently, it works excellently for your base as well. So, Lily’s Spear is preferred by a lot of players in the game as the hassle of getting it is worth it in Palworld.

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