How To Farm Paldium Crystals And Fragments In Palworld

Find Paldium to capture more Pals.

Identified by their neon blue color, Paldium crystals and fragments are considered one of the useful resources in Palworld. They are used in shield-making and Pal Spheres, which are both required for battling and capturing pals.

Because of their usefulness and rarity, players will be interested in different ways through which they can farm Paldium fragments or crystals in Palworld so they can craft the required items.

How to find Paldium Crystals in Palworld?

Paldium crystals are found in all forms, as loot from chests and pals or as stones to be mined. Since Paldium crystals are used to make shields in Palworld, make sure you farm as many as you find to improve your survival chances.

Despite there being a number of ways to get Paldium crystals, not every method is good for farming. However, we will still go over all the ways you can get Paldium crystals so you can decide whichever way you want to farm paldium crystals.

Mine from Dungeons

Paldium Crystals can be mined from the rocks found in the dungeons. Even though they are not easy to find, keep your eyes out for them when you are near Mountains, Isolated Islands, and around Ruins of building structures. Inside, you would easily find large blue rocks of Paldium that can be mined for an abundance of Paldium crystals.

Loot from Chests

Not the best way to get Paldium crystals, but if luck is on your side, you can get a few crystals from chests. As these chests have random items, you can expect some paldium inside. It is much more likely to be found in higher-level chests that require keys, but others also sometimes contain the crystals.

Defeat Pal Bosses

Lastly, the most recommended and foolproof way to get Paldium crystals in Palworld is by defeating Pal Bosses. Defeat or capture the boss pals found all over the Palworld map, and you will always get Paldium crystals. You can go for lower level ones in the beginning, like Chillet, who is level 11, and Gumoss, level 11; Penking, level 15; Azurobe, level 17, etc.


Chillet is only level 11 and is near the starting point, so my recommendation would be to keep farming him for paldium crystals.

All of these Pal bosses respawn after a while, which makes defeating bosses in Palworld the best method for Paldium crystal farming. Just make sure your opponents are not too powerful. Also, the rewards are better for high-level Pal bosses, so if you want to, you can defeat them, too.

How to get Paldium Fragments?

Apart from Paldium Crystals, you can also find Paldium fragments which are used in making one of the most used items in Palworld, Pal Spheres.

Since the game is all about capturing more Pals, you will need a lot of Pal Spheres. For every Paldium fragment, you can make one Pal Sphere, making it a sought-after material. Additionally, Paldium fragments are also used in making Palbox and shields.

Find them as loot

The Paldium fragments can be found just lying on the ground as loot. Due to their bright color, they are hard to miss, which makes finding them easier. Keep your eyes peeled near mountains or other minerals to find the fragments nearby.

Additionally, you can also talk to NPCs, and some may give you a few materials, including paldium fragments.

Mine for Paldium Fragments

Paldium Fragments boulders are quite easy to distinguish due to the bright blue veins coursing through them. Use a stone pickaxe to get Paldium fragments from these veins.


You can also randomly get Paldium fragments in Palworld by mining common stones. During stone mining, these Paldium fragments can be found by a 1:5 ratio of fragments and stone, respectively.

You can also use a crusher, which is unlocked at level 8. A crusher is a device that breaks down the existing stone or wood. As stone gives out palladium fragments, you can use a crusher to get fragments without putting much effort. Assign a water-type pal to a Crusher, and you’ll soon have an easy Paldium fragments farming setup in Palworld.

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