How To Get Refined Ingots In Palworld

Upgrade your crafting.

As you level up through the game, you will eventually find out that the regular ingots are no longer enough to keep up with the increasing difficulty. You will need refined ingots for most of the late-game weapons, armor, and even the Ultra Spheres in Palworld.

Refined Ingots are a step up from the regular Ingots and require both Ore and Coal in addition to an Improved Furnace to be crafted.

All of this can be a hassle to gather all the resources needed but we will tell you how to farm unlimited Refined Ingots in Palworld by just following a few simple instructions.

How to craft Refined Ingots in Palworld

As with every other thing in Palworld, you must unlock the crafting recipes for Refined Ingots from the Technology menu. You will also need to unlock the recipe for an Improved Furnace from the same menu. Both of these can be unlocked after reaching level 34.

Build an Improved Furnace

Next build an improved furnace at your base, preferably next to the primitive furnaces you might already have built. This will require 100 Stones, 30 Cement, and 15 Flame Organs so be sure to have enough materials at your base beforehand.

These Improved Furnaces can craft Refined Ingots in addition to regular ingots but the refining process takes much longer. We recommend assigning a pal with level 2 or higher Kindling for this job. The best option is Jormuntide Ignis with Level 4 Kindling.

Craft the Refined Ingots

Now simply interact with the improved furnace and select the refined ingots, select the quantity, and confirm to start the refining process. Each Refined Ingot requires Ore x2 and Coal x2 to make.

We recommend you either gather enough coal and ore beforehand or set up your base at a location that provides both of these resources. This is because you are going to need a lot of coal to craft a lot of Refined Ingots in Palworld.

The best location for Coal

Coal is relatively harder to come by as compared to copper ore which you will find scattered around the map. Besides, it would be tiresome to have to make special trips to certain locations or dungeons to mine cave.

We recommend that you set your mining base at the coordinates 191 and -36. This is the only location in Palworld that has both naturally spawning ore and coal nodes.

Set up your Palbox in the middle of this cliff, build a couple of Improved Furnaces, and let loose your best mining and transporting Pals. We recommend having 3 Digtoises, 3 Tombats, and 2 Gathering Pals.

Build a couple of Berry plantations a feedbox to keep your Pals fed and a Hotspring to let them recover sanity. Now assign Pals with Planting, Watering, and Kindling Work Suitabilities to your base and you will never have to worry about Refined Ingots again.

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