All Village And Town Locations In Palworld

Leave the wilderness for village life.

The world of Palworld isn’t just filled with Pals and Syndicate thugs to defeat. There are other friendly humans in the area, too, that live in their own small towns and villages. If you are tired of constant fighting and base building, the towns and villages of Palworld offer a nice place to just sit back and relax.

While you will be spending most of your time in Palworld exploring the wilds, it is good to know the locations and unlock the fast travel points of these towns in Palworld so you can easily access the vendors in these places.

Small Settlement

Found at the coordinates of 73, -484 is a small village called Small Settlement. The location of Small Settlement in Palworld is quite close to the Plateau of Beginnings and possibly the first one you will come across. To reach the small settlement, go west from the starting point, and you’ll soon find a few houses guarded by some soldiers.

There is a Pal merchant and a Wandering merchant in this village. For the Pal merchant, take a right turn, just past the guard near the entrance, and look inside the house here. If you go towards the end of the village straight ahead, you’ll find a red robed, Wandering Merchant.


Duneshelter is a small village found in the sandy desert area of Palworld. To find this village, enter the large desert present on the far northeast side of the map. Here, look towards the northern side to find a small settlement with four walls all around it.

All three types of merchants are present here: a Wandering Merchant, a Pal merchant, and a Black Marketeer.

  • Wandering Merchant: Go inside Duneshelter and straight ahead towards the Pal Merchant present on the left side.
  • Pal merchant: There are two Wandering merchants straight ahead in the main square of Duneshelter.
  • Black Marketeer: Go around the Duneshelter towards its back by staying by the wall. On a rock overlooking a fall, you’ll find the Black Marketeer.

Fisherman’s Point

If you go towards Mount Obsidian, go down to the beach. Reach the shore on the eastern side to find a large city built with wood. Quite dangerous in a volcanic area if you ask me. Fisherman’s Point is out in the open, which makes it easier to spot.

Make sure to equip fire-resistance armor to pass through Palworld’s Mount Obsidian to reach this town.

The settlement has a few of the Wandering merchants scattered about. There is also one Pal merchant that sells high-level fire pals here. To find him, go toward the shore, and you’ll find him by the stairs facing the sea.

Ruined Fortress City

Ruined Fortress City, as the name suggests, is a ruined, abandoned city. This city is filled with broken buildings and other stuff that shows that it was once filled with inhabitants. Well, now you can inhabit it. The area is in a safe place near Mount Obsidian, which is a plus if you plan to make your base here.

The city is filled with numerous treasures with some mining points nearby. It also has some pals wandering around that you can capture and use later on.

Unnamed City

The city by the No Man’s Trail is an abandoned city with no marking or name to know. It is located just before the Astral mountain starts climbing up. This city has some hidden items and treasures, but nothing more than that.

Other than its practical value, it is the best city to look at. It is filled with ruins that show that this was a highly progressive city filled with amazing architecture.

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