Octopath Traveler 2 Scourge Of The Sea Boss Guide

The Scourge of the Sea is an optional boss that you need to defeat to unlock the Arcanist secret job in Octopath Traveler 2.

The Octopath Traveler 2 Scourge of the Sea is an optional boss that you must defeat for the Arcanist secret job. You will encounter the Sea Scourge in the southeast region of Tropu’hapu.

Firstly, you need to acquire a boat before making your journey toward the boss. The monster is strong, and you must know the Sea Scourage’s weaknesses before going against the enemy.

Additionally, completing the Scent of Commerce quest is essential as it allows you to gain a boat and travel toward the location of the Sea Scourage in Octopath 2.

Scourge of the Sea location

Scourge of the Sea location in Octopath Traveler 2

You need to reach the Lost Isle area that lies on the east of Tropu’hapu Harbor. You should move with your party toward the whirlpool shown on the map.

Before interacting with the vortex, ensure you have all the items and resources to defeat the boss. The Octopath Traveler 2 Sea Scourage might be challenging, but its weaknesses are there to exploit.

Scourge of the Sea weaknesses

You can inflict severe damage on this sea monster using physical attacks based on Sword, Axe, or Staff. The creature shows apparent vulnerability when you perform slash attacks breaking its SP and landing each hit for more than 1000 damage.

The Fire and Light attacks increase your chance of breaking the enemy and landing maximum damage. You will feel how these elemental attacks target the creature’s weakness, making the fight much more manageable for you in Octopath 2.

Scourge of the Sea special attacks

This Octopath 2 optional boss can perform vast amounts of attacks. The Sea Scourage can land several attacks that cause ailments and removes your party members from the fight. You have to be alert and plan your whole fight around the attacking pattern of the creature.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Starboard StraightTwo of your party members become unavailable to fight for two turns.
Bad DreamAn attack that inflicts status ailments dealing around 1000 damage to all the members.
Basic attackSingle slash attack that deals almost 700 damage to one party member.
ShipwreckSingle slash attack that deals almost 700 damage to every party member.
Dark VortexAOE attack that deals around 600 damage to all the members and puts a status ailments on two members.
Swallow PreyThree party members are removed from the battle and miss their turn.
Whirling TideAn AOE attack that deals around 600 damage to every member.

How to defeat Scourge of the Sea in Octopath Traveler 2

You need to make use of physical attacks to break down the shield points of Sea Scourage. The monster starts the fight by removing your team members, so you should ensure a quick breakdown of the enemy.

You need to use warrior class in this fight as it allows you to perform several physical attacks, benefiting from the weak points of the creature. It is better to use the Analyze ability to find the vulnerabilities of the boss before going all in.

It is crucial to have someone that offers to heal your whole party. Sea Scourage can inflict serious damage on your party members, so healing is crucial to winning the battle against Sea Scourage in Octopath 2.

A Scholar falls perfectly in your party, enabling you to use elemental attacks based on fire to land maximum damage.

It is important that you use your Latent Powers and boosted items to break the boss because the more party remembers it removes, the stronger it becomes.

Use the Phantom Slash and Aggressive Slash abilities to land multiple hits, causing the Sea Scourage’s shield to break. After breaking the enemy, use the most potent attacks from your party members to win the fight against the Octopath Traveler 2 Sea Scourage.

Best Party for Scourge of the Sea

The best party against the Sea Scourage must utilize the warrior, scholar, and cleric class. You need the supportive abilities of the cleric class to provide healing and remove ailment effects from your members. Make use of Temono’s¬†abilities in this situation to give a boost to your members.

Hikari is perfect for this party as he has all the tools, like the Aggressive Slash ability to break down enemy SP within a few turns. The slash ensures you take SP points on every hit, making the boss more vulnerable.

Ochette and Osvald complete our party against Sea Scourage. Osvald can utilize scholar skills to use Fire abilities and bring havoc using elemental damage. On the other hand, Ochette got the skills to inflict physical damage while the creature stays broken in Octopath 2.

What else to bring to the fight?

It is important that you bring two types of items to this boss fight. Firstly, you need items that boost your attacks. Secondly, you need items that remove the effects of the ailments from your members.

You also need a bunch of Healing Grapes and Refreshing Jam to survive the combat successfully and put an end to your adventure against the Sea Scourage in Octopath 2.

Scourge of the Sea boss drops

  • 1980 Leaves
  • Sea Monster’s Whisker
  • 3891 EXP
  • 128 JP

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