Octopath Traveler 2 Scent Of Commerce Quest Guide

The Octopath Traveler 2 Scent of Commerce is a set of three quests that you can complete as part of Partitio’s storyline. These side quests can be completed in any order to progress further through specific parts of his storyline.

Moreover, each of these quests takes place in separate locations, namely Sai, Winterbloom, and Tropu’hopu, so you will have to do a lot of traveling for this one.

What’s special about these quests, however, is the rewards that you get for completing them, which include a Gramophone, a Ship (Boat/Canoe), and the Mercantile Manuscript.

The Scent of Commerce – Sai

Since this series of quests are part of Partitio’s story, it is already established that you must have him in your party for starting this quest. This quest, along with the others, will spontaneously pop up after you have recruited Partitio to your team. You can then complete these quests in any order you wish.

We’ll start off with the Scent of Commerce (Sai) quest first. To kick things off, you need to head over to the house at the top of the hill in the westernmost town – Hinoeuma Region. 

Here, you will find Masoud, a rich individual whose Manuscripts are famous among the merchants of the whole world.

During this cutscene, Partitio asks Masoud if he can take a look at the Mercantile Manuscript. By now, you would have guessed that completing this quest is how you get the Octopath Traveler Mercantile Manuscript.

There is a slight problem though. Masoudi does not trust Partitio and assigns him a task to earn his trust. He explains that there is one treasure that holds the most value to him as a Merchant, and you must bring that treasure to him.

After that, you must travel back to Sai and look for clues. In this town, there is one particular individual that dresses differently (in red), and that is Masoud’s daughter.

You must Hire Masoud’s Daughter with Partitio’s action. If that isn’t available though, try switching to nighttime. This is going to cost 1,000 Leaves, but you have to pay the price to bring Masoud’s Daughter to him.

Upon bringing back Masoud’s Daughter, Masoud will inform you that she isn’t his greatest treasure and that you were wrong. This time though, you can ask his daughter for a hint.

You can even skip the hint entirely and Hire Masoud himself for 5,000 Leaves, and he will reveal that his greatest treasure was himself. This will complete the Octopath Traveler 2 Scent of Commerce (Sai) quest, after which you get a chance to get your hands on the Mercantile Manuscript.

The Scent of Commerce – Winterbloom

The next quest we’ll cover in this quest series is the Octopath Traveler 2 Scent of Commerce (Winterbloom). To start this quest, head over to Winterbloom.

Here, you must travel all the way east until you reach a big house. A cutscene will automatically start as you arrive at this location.

In this house, you will meet Audley, a genius who invented a voice recorder. Audley needs three different musicians from all across the town of Solista and requires Partitio’s help with that.

To do this job, you can either use Partito’s Hire ability or Temenos’s daytime Guide ability, but the latter works better. You can find all three of the musicians at the following locations:

  • Guitarist: Crackridge Entrance
  • Violinist: Canalbrine Tavern
  • Pianist: Flame Church Chapel

Bring all three of these musicians back to Audley so he can record their songs. Completing this side story will get you the Gramophone to play music in every Tavern you find on your journey.

The Scent of Commerce – Tropu’hopu

The last quest in this series, the Scent of Commerce (Tropu’hopu) can be started by heading over to Tropu’hopu (who could have guessed).

After arriving at this location, head over to the eastern edge of the beach to reach a large ship. As soon as you reach this area, a cutscene will automatically start.

Now, head west and then north to speak with Terry, who is standing next to the boat docked at the harbor. Now, you need to find NPCs that have the Coy Wink and the Lucky Break ability and bring them to Terry.

For that, you can head west and Hire a Scholar and the Apothecary from the docks and bring lead them to Terry.

At the end of this quest, you will be able to get your very own Boat/Canoe/Ship in Octopath Traveler 2. The only downside is that you will have to pay 100, 000 Leaves for this Ship, which is a hefty price.