Octopath Traveler 2 Arcanist Job Guide: How To Unlock All Skills

Arcanist is a powerful secret job that you can choose in Octopath Traveler 2 to become the master of light and dark magic attacks.

Arcanist is a powerful secret job that you can choose in Octopath Traveler 2 to become the master of light and dark magic attacks.

This secondary job also lets you equip Dagger and Staff as your weapon and with that, you will be able to deal a wide range of buffs to the enemies.

As an Arcanist, you can be the healer of the party thanks to the healing spells that this sub job has. If you pair Arcanist with another good healer like Partitio, you can also heal SP and other status ailments on top of HP.

All in all, if you want to deal massive offensive damage using magic alongside having access to support skills, Arcanist job is the one for you.

How to unlock the Arcanist job in Octopath Traveler 2

To unlock the Octopath Traveler 2 Arcanist job, you first need to have Arcanist Guild. This can be obtained by getting Grand Terry while doing Partitio’s quest, The Scent of Commerce: Tropu’hopu.

The first thing you need to do is to head towards Orerush, Wildands to recruit Partitio which can be done by completing the first chapter of his storyline.

Once you have Partitio by your side, head towards the Shipyard located east of the Tropu’hopu town. At the shipyard, you will be greeted by Terry from whom you will buy your boat.

For that, you will need 100,000 leaves. Don’t worry if you don’t have the money upfront as Partitio has a lot of money-making skills like Grow on Trees. Head back to the Shipyard and use the money to buy the ship from Terry.

After taking the keys to your new ship, get in the Sundering Sea and sail towards the Lost Isle which is going to be in the Northeast direction. Once you are in between Toto’hah and Brightlands, you will encounter the Scourge of the Sea in the whirlpool.

Just like the other sea monster that you will encounter along the way, you also need to defeat Scourge of the Sea to get past. After a little further sailing, you will reach The Lost Isle.

Once you get on the island, the first thing that you need to do is travel west and examine the sign. This sign will lead you directly toward the Arcanist Descendant. After speaking to her, you will be rewarded with Proof of the Arcanist.

Just like any other secret job, Arcanist Guild will act as your proof of license that you can later use at any time to unlock the job.

Arcanist job skills

SkillsDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Seal of InversionSome enemies have an attribute-reducing effect on you but by using Seal of Inversion, you can convert it to an attribute-raising effect until the fourth turn.15
Seal of ImmortalityRather than the enemy’s lethal attack that will kill you, Seal of Immortality let you with 1HP for you to survive. This skill will only work for an odd number of turns until the 9th turn.15
Reflective BarrierAll the magic attacks of the enemies will be bounced back to them.15
HexUsing Hex, you can reduce the attribute-reducing effect of the enemies until the 4th turn.18
Malice/ Resentment/ MalevolenceMalic has three tiers, and depending on what tier number you are in, you will deal dark-based attacks the same number of times. On top of the offense, you will also restore the HP depending on the damage done.Dark25
Blessing / Benediction / Spiritual GraceSimilar to Malice, you will deal light-based damage depending on the tier and restore SP on the damage done.Light25
Seal of DiffusionYour whole team would be able to have the beneficial effect of your Arcanist skills using Seal of Diffusion for an odd number of turns until the 9th turn.25

Arcanist divine skill

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Seal of EternityBuffs are useful but with the help of the Seal of Eternity, they will last for the whole fight.50

Arcanist support skills

SkillDescriptionSkills RequiredJP Required
SP RecoveryUsing SP Recovery, you will be able to recover 1% of the SP from all the damage taken.4130 JP
Lasting MemoryThe protective effects of your skills will not vanish even if you are paralyzed.5630 JP
Price of PowerThe magic attack done using the Price of Power will have double the range and effect. But it comes at a downside of consuming double the SP.61630 JP
Of Equal MightIf you are dealing in both physical attack and elemental attack, Of Equal Might senses and sends the one with the highest damage.74630 JP

Best character for the Arcanist job in Octopath 2

Choosing a good healing character like Partito as an Octopath Traveler 2 Arcanist will come a long way as your party will be able to fight for a longer duration. Aside from the usual HP healing, Partitio also heals SP and other status ailments.

With the help of Osvald, your party will be able to deal damage in a variety of attributes such as Lightning, Fire, and Ice. Not only that, but Osvald can also deal damage through magical attacks, and can further enhance damage using the Price of Power skill.

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