Octopath Traveler 2 Character Tier List: The Best And Worst Characters

Our tier list will tell you the best and worst characters to pick and stay away from in Octopath Traveler 2.

Octopath Traveler 2 features eight characters to choose from for your party but not all of them rank high on our character tier list.

Some are suited for utility while others offer raw damage. Also, some characters might start off a bit weak but will get a massive power spike mid-game.

Each of these eight characters will have their own specific storylines concerned with their motivations. Along with that, they will also have different jobs/classes, and hence, a specific playstyle that varies in terms of overall combat – including factors like weapons, elemental types, skills, etc.

With such a large number of characters, it may become confusing to choose which one to go with first, or which character’s story is actually worth witnessing. You may even have difficulty choosing the best fighter among these 8 characters since each of them has its own combat style.

That said, keeping all of this in mind, it would help to have a list of all the Octopath Traveler 2 Characters ranked on hand, which can save us a lot of time in deciding.

Octopath Traveler 2 Character Tier List

For our Octopath Traveler 2 character tier list, we will be prioritizing a particular character’s compatibility with others. We will mostly be putting their stories aside, and giving more importance to their overall gameplay, which includes the skills they possess and their versatility in most situations.

Side by side with versatility, we will be looking for a balance of DPS (Damage Per Second) numbers with it. Giving a high damage output is important, as it can play a huge part in a battle’s outcome.

Keeping said factors in mind, we can rank Octopath Traveler 2 characters in three different tiers, the S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier.

Characters in the S-Tier are the best of the best. These characters are insanely versatile and can pretty much be helpful in any kind of situation.

Moreover, along with versatility, these characters also have some of the highest DPS rates – all while working best with other characters. Since these are the best characters in the game, you can use them with any party.

Characters in the A-Tier are also extremely great. These characters can be used in most of the situations in the game but will find it difficult to manage a few in which they lack the versatility and DPS rates.

You can substitute some of these characters for ones in the Tier above, but they simply lack the magic that the S-Tier characters have.

Characters in the B-Tier are fairly decent, with a good set of skills and damage output, but can still be outperformed by other characters in the tiers above. These characters may be able to help you in certain situations, but not all of them.

The character tier list we have is subjective though, which means you can make your own modifications to it if you like one character over the other for a specific reason. Some players, for example, might want to choose Osvald over a character in the S-Tier.

S-TierPartitio, Castti, Ochette, Hikari
A-TierAgnea, Osvald
B-TierThrone, Temenos

Best characters in Octopath Traveler 2

The best characters in Octopath Traveler 2 are the ones that have the highest damage and the greatest versatility in different situations.


Partitio starts off with the Merchant class and uses a Polearm and a Bow as his main weapon of attack. As for the elemental attacks, Partitio mainly uses Fire.

With the Purchase Path action and a few other important skills, Partitio will mainly serve to support other characters and keep them standing on their feet till the end of the battle.

This becomes possible with the Hoot and Holler Latent Skill. This skill allows Partitio to grant an individual ally maximum BP at the start of the battle. The ally can then use the BP to land attacks dealing massive amounts of damage.

Apart from the BP, Partitio can also help distribute SP with the Share SP skill. This is one of his two EX Skills that you unlock in his path. Aside from sharing points, Partitio can also grant his allies the Sidestep, which is a great evasive skill.

The Purchase Path Action you get with Partitio will come in very handy, especially in the early stages of the game. This is because you can buy a lot of amazing items right from the start that wouldn’t otherwise be bought by other characters.


Castti is one of the characters in Octopath Traveler 2 whom you have complete freedom with. You can either use Castti as your main damage dealer, or even a healer if you wish, owing to her skills.

Castti starts off with the Apothecary job, and mainly uses the Axe and Poison as her main sources of attacks, Additionally, she can also use the Ice elemental attack to deal massive magic damage to her enemies.

The reason behind Castti’s flexibility is her diverse array of skills. She can use skills like the Concoct, which buffs up your allies your debuffs your enemies. You can use her as a supporting character if you have a good way with this skill.

Castti’s Drastic Measure skill is the main skill that allows her to become an insane damage dealer, drastically increasing the damage output. This is one of her two EX Skills, which you can unlock while playing through her story.


Ochette is one of the characters that hold the potential to deal the highest amount of raw damage in the game. She starts off with the Hunter job and uses the Axe and the Bow as her main weapons to deal damage. Additionally, she can also use the Lightning elemental attacks to deal massive magic damage to enemies that are weak to it.

Aside from having one of the highest Critical hit chances in the game, Ochette can deal even more damage to bosses by reducing their elemental and physical defense. The Beastly Howl, which is her Latent Power, allows you to easily pull this off.

Moreover, Ochette can also reduce the Shield Points (SP) of different bosses, giving no mind to their weaknesses. What’s really special about Ochette though, is the fact that she can Capture different enemies and use them as her own henchmen.

These qualities are why Ochette ranks high in our Octopath Traveler 2 character tier list.


Hikari Ku is widely considered by most as the strongest character in Octopath Traveler 2. This is because this character has the highest Physical and Elemental attack damage in the game. This makes Hikari an irreplaceable asset to your team.

Hikari starts off with the Warrior class, and mainly uses the Sword and the Polearm weapons as his main sources of attacks – as you would have guessed. Although he already deals a lot of damage with the base attacks, skills like the Deal More Damage or the Brand’s Blade cause those numbers to fire off the charts.

Although Hikari doesn’t have any direct elemental attacks, what still makes him special is his ability to learn more skills than any other character in the game. Hikari can learn up to five different skills, which makes him highly versatile and gives him the upper hand in most battles.

With such high versatility comes the freedom to build Hikari in whatever fashion you want. Choosing to use Hikari as either a support, tank, or a damage dealer is completely up to you, but will require the appropriate skillset.

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